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I proudly introduce my new product besides my premium chilli sauce. This time it comes with an authentic and traditional way of making it, but still premium to keep it upscale in taste and look.

kcs (2).jpg

Peanut Sauce

This Peanut Sauce can be used as a salad dressing and dipping sauce in very much anything to give you more fun and enjoyable to dine, my first customer was my husband. He said that he can't stop dipping in it.


Japanese Wagyu Beef Kebab In my delish Peanut Sauce.


Spicy Tempeh In Olive Oil And Basil

My Spicy Tempeh is slightly spicy and rich in herby flavors, especially the fresh basil can't be wrong in adding to any dish you prefer.
Such an innovated way to drizzle or sprinkle in so many foods.


Tempeh is known as a fermented soy bean dish from Indonesia, not only is it the art of traditional and authentic dish but it's putting an effort to make it. Days and days to ferment to get the best and rich in millions of Probiotic.
Nowadays, in America, especially you can easily get Tempeh in Safeway, trader's Joe or Whole Foods.


Source image of tempeh


The purpose for me isn't only to make profitable products but to deliver and share the best of tastes.
By the way, I only make to order to families and friends, thank goodness my days are now more busy than ever.


Friend's friend of mine testimony and good feedback about my chilli sauce, it's a highly addicted chilli sauce. By the way, Neli is my real name.

Thank you for visiting my blog,


I wish I lived near you so I could try all this deliciousness! Or do you ship packages to Germany?! ... ;-)
Good luck with your business idea - you deserve it!
Warm regards,

Hi @chriddi,

Yeah, I wish we live close by. Sure, I'll send and sell publicly when I have license.
Thank you for stopping by,

Kind regards,

Congratulation on your new product

Hi @dobartim,

Thank you so much,


You are welcome

I hope your business continues to run smoothly and a very professional cuisine like a master chef, and I hope you will always be healthy @lugina

Hi masril,

Thank you. I know i have a long way to go, starting business from scratch is scary.


thank you @lugina, I am happy to hear your reply

Wooww.... It looks so delicious. I really love tempeh. In our langguage we say it 'Tempe'.

Regard from aceh indonesia.

Hi @ernaerningsih,

Although spells different but pronunciation is still the same as we say "Tempe".

Salam hangat buat yg di Aceh.


Salam hangat buat yg di Aceh.

Terimakasih. Ngomong-ngomong boleh saya tahu anda aslinya orang mana?

It's look very delicious. I am tempe hunter, as a student at university, tempe was help us to get makanan bergizi tinggi.

Hi @zulkarnain,

How have you been? Agreed, I love tempe so much. it's affordable, nutritious and high of probiotic.

I am very well sister. How about you. I am on finishing my thesis final exam. So busy kak lugina. How about adam kak? How old is him?

Keep it up n be a gold digger in everything.

I'm doing well, thank you. Adam is doing good too, I'm homeschool him for almost 1.5 years now, making so much progress academically. he's 9 years now.


I am glad to hear that sister. Great mom.
I will be better that today, thanks for the support kak lugina.

I proud, the world have someone inovative like you, congrats


Japanese baguette beef kebab in me delish perut sauce. My favorite food.good post. Thanks

Thank you.

I'm already bragging to my husband that I know a famous Lugina who makes the most wonderful sauces. Now I have to figure out how to get it shipped to South Korea!

Thank you @gungho,
That's a compliment right there, it's really true though ...
I always got good feedbacks about my spices.
Lol, it will be a big pothole on shipping costs. If someone fly there will be perfect to bring some.
Regards ..

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