weekly contest week 8 poetry game day 7 reward pool 50 steem by @mubashirasghar

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Silent lips are down, eyelids are down, love is new in hearts
It's hard to talk, love is new

Sleep will not come to you now, we will not get coins now
Right now the heart will beat more, now this desire is new

The scent is new in the air, the color in the throat is new

The heads of the families have a gentle temperament
Your accent tells you your wealth is new

What a blessing God has given you to come and sit in the front row
Flying in the air now, fame is new

It's raining bombs, old veterans are sleeping
The slave is doing the world, the one whose power is new

________ ._________

The pleasure of being close to you,
Come down to my heart,
Makes me drunk,
That like cold and sweet,
A pleasant breeze,
Passed in the scorching sun!

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