Weekly contest week 9 poetry game day 2 reward pool 50 steem

in Steem Schools5 months ago

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Stop filling in the blanks
Absolutely no longer afraid of loneliness
Now let me live in my condition
Now I have stopped me to dying for you
You also had trouble with hiccups
I stopped remembering you ...

I borrow a few breaths
I spend in your memory

I lose every spread of love
I take everything at your glance

Peace be upon you, this beauty is always yours
I take off the charity of your longevity

What to say of your drunken eyes
That I take a hangover from visiting them

It's different that you don't see me
But I usually fix my hair

Those who give Muharram secrets and facts
And do not reveal the secret of truth

Those who have not seen and heard
Those who have seen it and do not speak

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