Weekly contest week 9 poetry game day 3 by @mubashirasghar

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Asslam-o-Alaikum to all my friends .I hope you will be fine and enjoying a good health with the grace of Allah Almighty .
Today I am here for my new poetry for week 9 day 3.


Silent lips are down, eyelids are down, love is new in hearts;
It's hard to talk, love is new.

Sleep will not come to you now, we will not get coins now;
Right now the heart will beat more, now this desire is new.

Today is the first day of spring, come for a walk in Chlochman;
The scent is new in the air, the color in the throat is new.

The heads of the families have a gentle temperament;
Your accent tells you your wealth is new.

What a blessing God has given you to come and sit in the front row;

Flying in the air now, fame is new.

It's raining bombs, old veterans are sleeping;

The slave is doing the world, the one whose power is new.

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