Weekly contest week 9 poetry game day 4 reward pool 50 steem

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There is someone who is terrified of death
Someone saw the sadness of the dead accent

Whoever is horrified by the dead space of speech
If I keep quiet, provoke me to speak

Someone chooses the thorns of fear
There is someone who enjoys the horrors of death

There is someone who can break my control
There is someone who does not consider me expedient

Who postpones his happiness for a while
Let him be sad in his own sadness

Never hand me over to the dead
Deny all fears one by one

If I want to go, stop me
If I am getting entangled, solve it with full dedication

I will make all the reflections of love on it
In front of him came the dead mirror

I know desire is just desire
Now who can rise from such a desire

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