One of the Effects of COVID-19 on Education..... "Unprepared vs opportunity"

in Steem Schools19 days ago (edited)

2020 was filled with lots of negativity due to covid 19, education sector was not left out in receiving its own hard blows brought to its domain during the heat of covid 19 and after it had subsided.

Education complained that many students turned their nose mask as the most easier way of cheating on him, education went ahead to narrate how he will be seeing many students on the notion that they're wearing their nosemask for protection but it rather served them for malpractice.

Education stated that the invitators who thought they were in control of every examination never knew something unlinear was always going on in their very own front.

But since he(education) has just but eyes, no any other organ, no mouth, he could not say anything.


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