WEEKLY CONTEST - Poetry Game - Day 4 | "Old Crow with Angel Mask".

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Image source: pixabay.com

"Old Crow with Angel Mask" (As if it's good but it's not).

Sea water that never calmed down was hit by a storm of pride
The tombstone that is patterned with sweet sugar,
is crushed by the fence of the church,
and also God will never be angry.

We just saw, the blue sky turned saga red.
Then his legs grew long,
leaving a wasted trail of discomfort.
You, are the hypocrisy in the mask of angels.
You are an old crow,
always predicting the death of the local people.

Even though you are nothing,
but just a rotten insect just sitting there and all your desires come to worship yourself.

Exactly, is a hypocrisy in the mask of an angel.
Only flies are perching, on your desk.
So what? Why are you frustrating them?
Is your stomach like that,
always hungry and wanting to eat?
Ha ha ha...

O old crow,
go to the vast fields of marijuana.
Sleep there, all will be well.

Aceh, 2 Mar 2021
By @new-spirit

Thank you to Mr. @dobartim and the Steem School Community for organizing this poetry contest. Regards! 🙏🍷

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