City of Murals, Čačak in Serbia

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Mural or wall painting means a monumental composition made on a wall, ceiling, or some other large permanent masonry surface, as its integral part. This artistic composition combines general elements of painting and elements of architecture.

The production of the wall painting, ie the mural, depends on the composition of the base to which it is attached by an appropriate technique, while the composition and arrangement of the elements are influenced by the space whose dimensions also impose the dimensions of the wall painting itself. Wall paintings, ie murals, can be extremely large, so in their decorative, narrative, or memorial function, they usually take on a monumental character.

Facades of buildings or large wall surfaces inside rooms (halls, stairs, etc.) are most often painted in this way. In a broader sense, the term "mural" refers to the painting category that became popular thanks to the artistic movement - muralism. Wall paintings used to be of great importance, not only as a decoration of religious and residential buildings but also as an expression of wealth and patronage. The characteristic that distinguishes the mural from other forms of painting is that the architectural elements of a given space are harmoniously incorporated into the painting.

The etymological term "mural" comes from the Latin word murus - wall or muralis - wall.
I found another mural in Serbia in the city of Čačak.




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