Big Cooking Competition - Create The Best Vegetarian Dish - 50 STEEM Reward Pool - 10 Days - Day 0

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, a while ago I did drawing competitions and I was really happy to see the support from the entire steemit community, entries we're seen from everywhere, so I decided to just get back to it. Because of your support and the support of my mother @tatjanastan and my father @dobartim I want to give back to all of you, that's why today I am creating the largest competition I have ever done with a 50 STEEM prize pool (this is only the first competition in a long list I have planned), let's get into the technicalities.

Today is day zero of the competition and you can enter today simply by following these steps.

  1. You need to be my follower.
  2. You need to upvote and resteem this post.
  3. You need to create a post in the steem schools community (showing in detail how the recipe is made, with step by step instructions, pictures, etc) and then link it in the comment section of this post.
  4. You need to tag me in your post.
  5. You are allowed only 2 recipes per person (so this means 2 entries).
  6. Your recipe needs to be original.
  7. The recipe needs to be vegetarian (no meat, eggs or fish should be used)
  8. I wish you all good luck, create the tastiest recipes you can.



1st place - 20 STEEM
2nd place - 15 STEEM
3rd place - 10 STEEM
4th place - 5 STEEM


I will be the judge of your recipes, there are 3 criteriums for this which are : taste, flavor and overall fell of the dish.

I wish you all a great competition, good luck and may the best cook win.

Have A Wonderful Day @steemitwarrior


I'd like to participate in the competition, if it's still possible.
Here is the link to my recipe:

It is, thank you very much, it's amazing and you will be added in today's post.

Day before I cooked panner motor vegetables and took less pics if you allow can I put that recipe @steemitwarrior

I saw this post now only

If you make a post that follows all the rules and all the rules are truly followed then I can add it, just create a post, it doesn't need a lot of pictures and please follow all the rules shown in the post.

Sure thank you!!

Wow!wonderful competition arranged by you.I think all the participants should take part in it

Wow! Interesting

Thank you

Appreciate it

Love it , pinned on trending

Thank you


When is the closing date? @steemitwarrior

In 10 days

Que bueno todavía, tengo tiempo para participar, hoy fue que me tope con la publicación.

Estoy muy contento de que lo hayas hecho, muchas gracias, por favor escribe la publicación en inglés.

Me parece muy interesante tu concurso! me gustaria participar, espero que tenga tiempo porque tengo muchos examenes:(

Definitivamente lo entiendo, no se preocupe, se organizarán muchos más concursos en el futuro. Si está ingresando, haga la publicación en inglés.

Espero en el futuro poder participar, Gracias por la información:)

amazing, i like it a lot!

Thanks a lot

 last month 

Wao,, thats great..

What is the specific closing date for this contest?

April 17th

Thank you

So what about you?

Thank you.

Your post is too good

Thank you

Great job

Thank you a lot.

no entiendo mucho la regla numero 2..

You need to resteem this post to your page and vote on it, that is it.

@steemitwarrior hola.. aun se puede participar??

Por supuesto que puede, la fecha de cierre es el 17 de abril.