The Duck...

in Steem Schools8 months ago

The duck wants to be a Bussinesman,

As He cannot be an Ironman,
He refuses to be a Fisherman,
And He will be a Superman.

Photo by Pixabay

The Duck is Very Serious to Succeed,

And that is for Real Indeed,
To Run the Business and to Go On,
To Turn Around but still Firmly Roll On.

The Duck has took a Class,

To become Master Class,
To become very Wise,
And not to fall into Crise.

The Duck Rented Bodyguard as Well,

To keep him firm so anything bad cannot Tell,
To stay Strong to stay Firm,
And to know how to Learn.

Finally, the Duck set up the Deal,

To sell the products and Contract to Seal,
To make Money and be Cool,
And to Swim in big Glorious Pool.

Let's Steem On...


is it the DuckDao ?? lololol

I dont know

I liked your post, you are very original.


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