WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 9|| Poetry Game: Day 5 "WORDS"

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by @umme

Words, just how much power it holds?
All these emotions it unfold. Either heal or open-up wounds.

Words, once said cannot be taken back.
Just like passed-time represented by a clock.
Say a word for a second, you’ll never know how long it will stock.

Words, music to ears when kept,
water to eyes when not.

Words, tainted with all these colors of lie,
and you never know how much of it you buy.

Words, sometimes expressed, oftentimes not.
Angst for judgment, and not expressing is a blind spot.

Words, spoken, written, even sung.
But is it truly the words that hold power?
the message that we uncover?


Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed reading it, just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Special thanks to @dobartim for initiating this contest. Thank you, Sir!


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Thank you so much!

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Thanks appreciate your concern, but which part of it was plagiarised?

Hi @umme, when I was checking posts against plagiarism via a plagiarism tool 2 days ago, It gave an alert on your post. And the tool provided me these links as the
original source of the content. But I just checked the links again after your comment. It looks like those links are dead.
Both of them are giving {"message":"Forbidden"} error.
So because I'm not able to provide you a reason with solid evidence on your question right now, I can NOT say this is plagiarised! Thank you for your feedback. 👏

Thought so.