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Sometimes I wish the impossible, I want it all now. I know it is impossible, but that is the way I am.
As the feelings, temperament, emotions, work enthusiasm say...everything you do and attitudes you have, you expect the others to share that passion. And it is not happening, i.e. it is impossible. Where would we end up if we were all the same!?
I am annoyed by the slowliness, indifference, pure politeness or benefit. It appears to be like in a washing machine constantly boiling on the 120C. Turns to the left a little, then to the right on a very high temperature. Curiosity is making us wait for the end of the cycle to see what is clean and what is smudged so we cannot see the true colors.
The catch is to work on ourselves, to take the machine as a fun gadget. Maybe a rabbit will jump out, like from the magician's hat, and we will applaude to ourselves, to the machine and to the rabbit itself.
Patience is a learning process. We are not born with it. It is a training we go through every day. The better we are trained, the better and more fun our life will be, and the environment?
The environment will always be the same.
So, patience, patience and turn the negativity to fun.
This is our life, after all, one and only. There is no dress rehearsal. Every day is a dress rehearsal and we need to give our best constantly.
Patience is the ultimate success, health and longevity formula.



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