Week 1 Contest : Share moments of togetherness with your family and win 12 steem prizes every week

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hello all friends, good night and have a good rest, hopefully friends are still in good health always.

since I joined the #steemfamily community I feel happy here we can form a family, and I was appointed as a representative or moderator from #indonesia, this is an honor for me.

Contests : Share moments of togetherness with family

today I was given the task to create a contest in the community, and this week let's have fun, and all members can join this contest.and for the contest that I made today is, share togetherness with family,Family is the most beautiful gift ordained by the almighty for his servant, and something that cannot be exchanged for anything.

every relationship or family there must be a moment that cannot be forgotten or the most beautiful moment, because every human being is born from a family. And I am very interested in making this contest, because family is everything, and all human beings love.


  • upvote, comment and resteem this post.

  • posts must be made in the #steemfamily community.

  • share 10% gifts to the @steemit-family account for community progress

  • English and Indonesian accepted.

  • use these tags ( #steemfamily, #steemexclusive , #contest, #country )

  • invite three of your friends to enter the contest.

  • Posts are not accepted if they contain plagiarism, or copy and paste from any source, must be original posts.

  • Tag my name @humaidi so I can find your post as soon as possible.

  • Your content is at least 300 words,and there must be at least 5 photos

  • share your entry under the comments of this post

Posts are accepted until 09 October at 23:59 WIB.

Reward pool system


I am waiting for posts from you, and hopefully all of you will join this contest, thank you.




 2 months ago 

A very beautiful idea and a very beautiful contest hopefully several people will participate there.

 2 months ago 

thank you I'm waiting for posts from them

 2 months ago 


This is an interesting quote about family.
Because family is the most valuable treasure.


 2 months ago 

thanks for the comment, friend @jasonmunapasee

you're welcome.

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 2 months ago 

Thanks you so much,,

You are welcome @humaidi :)

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

A very nice contest with great family values!

 2 months ago 

Thanks you so much my friend,,

 2 months ago 

What a nice contest indeed.

 2 months ago 

Thanks you so much,,

 2 months ago 

That's right, the happiest moments are with the family

 2 months ago 

thanks for the comment, the point out is everything. 😊😊

 2 months ago 

Great Contest. I'll try to participate.

 2 months ago 

thank you I will wait for your participation

 2 months ago 


Saludos, lo más hermoso es la familia, y más cuando se nos ha criado con ese principio de permanecer unidos a pesar de las circunstancias. Buena tu iniciativa.

is a great contest family is everything come on guys let's participate in this great contest

 2 months ago 

thank you I am waiting for their participation

 2 months ago 

Wow! Amazing contest.
Dropping my entry soon.

 2 months ago 

thank you I will wait for your participation

 2 months ago 

Alright sir!

Great contest 👌

 2 months ago 

Thanks you

Hi, friend! what a wonderful contest. here I leave you the link of my participation.


Greetings to the #steemfamily community especially to @humaidi...

My Entry:


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