PROMOSTEEM: "My Power-up and Delegation Story"|| First - Two Delegations

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A beautiful day to all steemian friends in this community!

For the past three months, I have joined steemit, I become productive to many things; I gained friends who led me to this platform, I pursued my passion in writing, I earned from this platform, and I shared the goodness I received from steemit.

In our vacant time at school, my good friends @fabio2614 and @kyrie1234 keep on sharing to me to do power ups. Because of them, I learned how to buy steem from my SBD and I was able to gain more steem. I use that to power up more often. Through them, I learned that by doing "power-up" you could give back to the community, which helps me grow and this can also help the newcomers like upvoting or resteeming. It was my intention to give whatever help I could aid to the newcomers the way I received when I was one once.

From the short period of time here at steemit, I gained enough steem power so I could also delegate. Thanks to this community who motivated me.
I am also grateful to @bisayakalog for her post about "delegation", I understood that delegating your steem power has a lot of positive feedbacks; like supporting to the community and newcomers, it helps you earn as your return of investment, and most of all... "You can show how you value the community which helps you grow."
What I did today is indeed an achievement on my part. I was able to delegate and show my appreciation to steemit platform.
"Let us all rise together as we power-up and delegate."


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 4 months ago 

Nice move mam... Steem on!

 4 months ago 

Thanks for the support Mam as always.

 4 months ago 

You are doing so well in your promotion.

 4 months ago 

Thank you Sir!