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Assalam-u Alikum!

First greeting to all I hope you all are well and enjoy a happy moments of life. I am also good Alhamdulillah. Hello My name is Muhammad Ahsan Sharif and on steemit my username is @ahsansharif. I am 19 years old. I belong to Pakistan. I am the student of Bachelor science of computer science. About three months ago I joined Steemit. Because of which I have a lot of knowledge about it, so I thought that this knowledge should be passed on to others, so I have taken this small step to spread steemit to the people. I hope you would like.

First of all I want to thank my head @cryptokraze who told me about steemit and taught me how to create my account and then taught me how to post. I am very grateful.

So now I'm going to tell my friends about steemit.


Live Meeting With Friends:

One day my friend came to my house to visit me. That day is today because he came to visit me today because I could not meet him on the occasion of Eid. We sat and chatted for a long time and ate some food etc. Then I told him if you want to do something online then he said yes why not. Then I gave him complete information about steemit so that he can also get involved in this work and learn more knowledge because there are many people sitting on steemit who have a lot of skills.
I told him that by coming here you can add your content for which you will be rewarded. The reward is in dollars and steem so it benefits us a lot and I told him that every here There are all kinds of people who can learn things. After telling the whole thing, he asked me to tell him how I could start my work here, so I told him that first we have to create an account and then I created his account.
As proof, I am showing you a screenshot of it:



My friend username is @hafizmhussain.
Then I told him that the first thing here is that you have to fulfill your achievement. First of all you have to invest Achievement 01 in which you have to tell about yourself and give your introduction. So he told me, "OK, I'll start my proper work on it tomorrow and I'll post the achievement here so I can do the next thing."

Online promotion:

I also promote online steemit so that more people can start working on it. Some people ask me about steemit who has already joined but they don't know some things so I keep guiding them so that they don't cause any trouble and their The work could go on smoothly. I promote steemit on social media. Social media includes Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. I keep guiding people about steemit on all of them so that more people can join it and get maximum benefit.

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My Goal:

It was a small attempt by me to promote steemit. My goal is to promote steemit to all around me, to my relatives, to all my friends, so that more people join it. Be able to and benefit from it.
I will promote steem, because I know more about steemit. So I think what you know should be passed on to others. Steemit is a platform where you can gain all kinds of knowledge. It has all kinds of skills.

I'm also sharing my 10% rewards to

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At the end I really thanks @cryptokraze who tell me about steemit 3 month ago.
I also thanks @arie.steem and for this community.

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You are doing a great job and you will always do a good job because it is our responsibility to do our own work on this platform and bring others to this platform and promote steemit.

Yes its our responsibility to promote steemit. Thanks for appreciate me for my work.

You do a very good job. This is our responsibility to promote steemit to others so that many people come on this platform and learn many more skills and knowledge.

Thank you so much

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Kindly guide your friends to follow the instructions to go through the various tasks.

Yes I guide the instructions for the task. The next procedure is doing achievement 01 post and he works on steemit continosuly.