Daily Chat Contest #3 (06-05-2021) - 10 Steem Everyday [Total 300 Steem] 3 Winner List

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I want to share goodness with others by providing 10 steems to 5 winners every day for the Daily Chat Contest. I got this inspiration from mcsamm which also has a contest like this in the weekly time. and I've talked to him about the contest I would make and he supported

However, the contest I made is different from the others, that is, you don't need to make a post, you only need to share a screenshot of your chat in the comments Daily Chat Contest post in everyday.

You can enter this contest every day, there is no limit. but you have to give different chat screenshots with different people. the contents of the screenshot is about you inviting other people to join in steemit.

Strict Regulation

  1. Provide a different screenshot on each of your entries in the comments column
  2. One person can only provide 1 entry per day
  3. The screenshots should be about talking to getting friends to join Steemit
  4. Entries are only counted if you provide a screenshot in the comments column
  5. If the conversation is in a language other than English, please write down your conversation in the comments so that I can translate
  6. Entries that are accepted are those that successfully invite your friends to join and prove the new @username in the comments column. unsuccessful to invite friends, then there are exceptions, please read the assessment below.


  1. Only introduced Steemit but did not succeed in getting friends to join Steemit - point : 1
  2. Successfully invited friends to join and prove their username - point: 2

You're On The Blacklisted If

  1. Taking other people's chat screenshot
  2. Manipulate chat screenshots with editing


  1. You sincerely accept every winner I choose every day
  2. Please report to me if you see anyone breaking the rules
  3. There is no limit to being a winner every day
  4. I choose the winners based on the conversation in the chat and also divide it evenly for everyone, so. you won't win every day
  5. The daily chat contest will be closed after I publish the next daily post along with the list of winners
  6. I provide 10 steems for 5 entries, one entry gets 2 steems, if one day it doesn't reach 5 entries then the prize for you will increase
  7. Resteem this post every time you enter this contest

Phone Number Invalid

  1. When you have a problem with an invalid phone number when registering an account, I advise you to use this tool to register https://steemyy.com/reg.php , and after that you can change the master key of your steemit account.



Example Good Comment



Make sure you always read the progress of this contest and also always follow the rules well, every improvisation of the contest is for safety and also has a real effect in promoting steemit to others

Daily Chat Contest #2 (05-05-2021)

3 winners from 3 entries who participated

WinnerComment LinkPrize
@yuleixis16Comment3.333 STEEM
@vvarishayyComment3.333 STEEM
@peachyladivaComment3.333 STEEM


For gifts, you can check my wallet, if I haven't sent the gift in 24 hours, you can reprimand me. sometimes I forget, because forgetfulness is human nature :D

daily chat.png

Okay, let's start sharing your entries in the comments column in this post


Thanks to : steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @dobartim, @pennsif

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Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ariesteem


 2 months ago 


Please @arie.steem,I can't sign up My new recruit, it looks like there's a bug on phone number verification.

 2 months ago (edited)

you can use that to register new steemit account
after register you can change master key

Thanks, I'll try that now


Thank you :)
can I participate again?

 2 months ago 

of course you can, you can participate in everyday contest
but please read rules update

Hello @arie.steem i wanted to enquire if the contest is still open

 2 months ago (edited)

this post is 20 hours ago,
in 24 hours will be closed

Okay thanks i ll post my sreen shots soon

 2 months ago (edited)



This is my chat with a friend on facebook, however he complained he didn't have access to internet as he's using facebook free mode. I ask him to let me know when he's ready. Will also do a follow up on him.
How ever I tried to register a new user today again and it's still the same issue. I hope it's resolved soon.


 2 months ago 


When you have a problem with an invalid phone number when registering an account, I advise you to use this tool to register https://steemyy.com/reg.php , and after that you can change the master key of your steemit account.

 2 months ago 

I just created the account. Thank you!

 2 months ago 

oke . thank you

Buena iniciativa para que se animen a traer usuarios.. mis amigos están por registrarse solo necesitan acomodar su horario para que trabajemos en registrarlos... saludos!!

 2 months ago 

I hope you are interested in entering this contest

Si definitivamente me interesa solo estoy a la espera del momento para registrar a los nuevos usuarios, ya que leí que uno de los requisitos es que se registren.. no solo las conversaciones en chat..Saludos!!

 2 months ago 

yes, that's great, I look forward to your contribution

My entry for today:




Maybe there's a bug on phone number verification, that's why he couldn't signed up, I hope it will be resolved soon.

 2 months ago 


please guide him properly until his done sign up and put his username here

Thanks, but to be honest I don't know how to register with - https://steemyy.com/reg.php
I'll really appreciate if someone guide me on that

 2 months ago 

cc: @mcsamm

My entry





I used voice note to explain more about it for her she was interested and accepted to sign up, she just call me that she is having some challenge to sign up due to network error.

 2 months ago (edited)

is she success sign up ?

When you have a problem with an invalid phone number when registering an account, I advise you to use this tool to register https://steemyy.com/reg.php , and after that you can change the master key of your steemit account.

Ok i will use this, thank you so much

 2 months ago 

Thanks @arie.steem. Simply visit steemyy.com to fill the forms with your username and email.. Check your mail to verify with the provided link.. Wait patiently for your keys to be sent.. From there, change your keys as stated by Arie.

i just invited a friend to join.



Zulqaini: p
Syawal: yes how?
Zulqaini: where are you now
Shawwal: in this house
Zulqaini: what work do you have now?
Syawal: I don't have a job at the moment
Zulqaini: come to play Steemit like I want?
Syawal: oh I can't play Steemit
Zulqaini: it's okay, just try it first let me teach you, later you can do it
Zulqaini: Now the pay is very expensive
Syawal: OK, if you want to teach, how many can we get a day
Zulqaini: depending, if our posts are good and quality, sometimes paid up to $ 50.
Zulqaini: now the price is 120 idr / $1
Syawal: fine I want it
Zulqaini: Not all posts can get that much, sometimes some are not paid
Syawal: alright then, later I will go there.

later when he arrives at the place I will register him an account to join and create a post for recruiting new users.

 2 months ago (edited)

kalo bisa usahakan teman bisa bergabung steemit.
tolong baca lagi peraturan baru

Iya bg tadi baru aja mau daftarin tapi selalu invalid di nomer teleponnya,
Gimana cara atasinnya bg?




I sent her this https://steemyy.com/reg.php but she couldn't register with it and i didn't understand it either...Is there anyone that can help

 2 months ago 


you can help your friend to sign up, new user will not really understand with that, but from your guide that will be useful

Allright thanks

 2 months ago 

Thank you @arie.steem for this contest.

 2 months ago 

keep follow this contest .... :D

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Steem received! Thanks

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