Gifs4Steem One Hundred Steem Contest by @arie.steem

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Actually I don't want to enter this contest so that other people's have big chances to win, however sir @stephenkendal expected me to enter this contest and see what results I can make.


So, today I made a PromoSteem Gif and also participate in Gifs4Steem Contest, using Adobe After Effects 2020 Software . You can see the screenshots and the results that I have made below

Screenshot Editing







My Entry Gifs4Steem Contest

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Thanks to : steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @dobartim

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Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
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Wow arie, you seems a pro designer, hats off bro. Awesome gif, so modern and professional 💕💖❤️

 last month 

i am not really professional shohana
by the way, thank you for the appreciation 💕💖❤️

Your work is saying you are more than a pro Designer I'm sure you’ll be selected for 1st place ❤️💖💕

 last month 

lets see what happen next

OMG! I love it! Cuanto talento, crack!

 last month 

thanks @jacorv

Excellent I love your gif, if you really seem professional in Design .. Very good work .. Greetings!

 last month 

thank you...

 last month 

this is bringing more to the table

 last month 

hahaha. thanks bro
i am put full effort to make this

 last month 

You good at designing, this looks really nice.

 last month 

Desain udah bagus, tapi pemilihan font yang masih kurang cocok