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The PromoSteem community has been going very well and organizing promoters to continue doing promotional stuff, many ideas and creative ways have been created by the promoter to attract new users.

Because of that, we don't forget to build promosteem branding which we will print on t-shirts. This is expected so that community members have the confidence that #promo-steem is not only arbitrary, but #promo-steem will explore the world to promote steem.

In terms of this T-shirt design, we've been through a few weeks thinking about branding to match. There is no other design besides the design that has been prepared, this aims to maintain promosteem branding.

There are 2 designs that we produce, official and community designs. These 2 designs have significant differences where the official design only works on black t-shirts and the community designs only work on white t-shirts.

here we explain about the PromoSteem t-shirt design






Official design means that only PromoSteem Team & Promoter is planned to use it and Community design is the one that will be used by the entire community.

we really hope, there is no other type of design in promosteem besides this design unless there are other things that will be discussed again by the Promosteem Team.

Everything related to the promosteem t-shirt design will be handled directly by each promoter from each country. so this t-shirt design file is only available to the respective team of promoter. If there are activities to be carried out, the promosteem shirt manager can be discussed with each representative.


Tshirt Production Manager

Contact the person below to place an order and size, payment is also made through them using their respective country money, other than the person below, they may not do production without permission from the PromoSteem team


  • Production Managers are not allowed to accept payments via steemit wallets. because we are keeping the current steem value.
  • Payments made by online payment other than steemit wallet, depending on the desires production manager
  • Payment for the first phase of production is made within 1 week, and the Production Manager will do a report.
  • The color of the tshirt is in accordance with the image above. production manager is not allowed to use other colors. we'll only have black and white
  • The Production Manager sets the price for tshirt in a reasonable prices, not looking for personal gain. its oke to get more money just for 1 cup of coffee: D

Official Design T-shirt

This tshirt can only be used by the PromoSteem Team and Promoter for promotional activities. ( Black Color )

Community Design T-shirt

This tshirt can be produced in large quantities and can be used by everyone at Steemit ( White Color )

Contact Production Manager


@pojan - discord id : pojan#8173


@julstamban - discord id : julstamban#2464


@mcsamm - discord id : mcsamm#3865


@cryptokraze - discord id : FxKraze#2451

Or, you can find us In Promosteem Discord
We cannot produce in other countries because there are not many members doing promotional activities yet. For other countries it will be produced in the future


ORDER now and contact the Production Manager


Thanks to : @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @pennsif

PromoSteem Team
@arie.steem @pojan, @ponpase

Promoters Team
@julstamban Promoter - Philippines
@vipnata Promoter - Italy
@mcsamm Promoter - Ghana
@rex-sumon Promoter - Bangladesh
@nattybongo Promoter - Ghana
@cryptokraze Promoter - Pakistan

Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ariesteem

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 6 months ago 

I love the community T-shirt design, it's so beautiful. I can't wait to have mine however it's not produce in my country yet, so I guess we have to wait for a while.

 6 months ago 

in next 2 week i think you can have one
because we have promoter from nigeria today

 6 months ago 

That's great news!

Me encantaría ser promotor de la comunidad en mi país (Venezuela) pero siento que aún me faltan cosas por mejorar para y con la comunidad. Espero pronto estar en sus filas y apoyar desde este lado del mundo!

PD: Quiero una franela! jeje

 6 months ago 

I'm also looking at the promoter for Venezuela, and I'm still monitoring who is the right team to work with

hello, I would like to be part of this team, I have a project that I would like to start implementing with your support.



 6 months ago 


Es una gran responsabilidad. Se que quien sea el elegido dará lo mejor de sí mismo! Gracias mi buen amigo! GG <3

 6 months ago 

Wow this is amazing. Can’t wait to get mine. 🤩

 6 months ago (edited)

wow, we finally have this. I certainly will make copies available to all Ghanaians for the betterment of the steem promo work. Thanks for finally releasing the update @arie.steem

Incredible and simple designs. This is a great step forward for #Promo-steem to the world

This is awesome @arie.steem, I'll spread this news to the Philippines community

 6 months ago 

explain the price and how to produce in your country.
make sure read everything what i write in post

Halo bang, gimana caranya buat gabung ke komunitasnya ya ? Aku ada akun tiktok sekitar 1.3k Followers, mungkin bisa membantu.

 6 months ago 

halo, aku belum pernah coba iklan pake facebook

@naufal yang udah pernah, dia lebih tahu caranya

Yes, what can I help @doodleman?

Hi bang naufal, perkenalkan Aku jersey dari kota Medan bang, aku lihat2 soal promosteem ini, mungkin aku bisa join atau ikut bantu promo bang?

Ya boleh silakan bang Jersey, tapi kalau mau ngepost di PromoSteem Community harus mengikuti rules yang ada yaa, silakan lihat di deskripsi Community

Hello @arie.steem, how do I get this Steem promo t-shirt?

 6 months ago 

contact : @pojan bg

Oke, terima kasih bg

Hi @arie.steem saya ingin mendapatkan baju promosteem tersebut.

 6 months ago 

order sama pojan

Bereh kali logo promosteem yang dibelakang. Aku suka aku suka @podanrj

 6 months ago 

ya.. itu harus jadi konsep alternatif. biar muat.

This is very good hopefully you help to me and promote my post and support to me

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