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in PromoSteem 📣2 months ago

thank you for the contest. it makes the others more excited.
I will donate 10 steem for contest


@arie.steem, It is very nice to receive your comment and your help.
The entire prize pool will reward participants.
I would really like the participants to be active and write good advertising texts.
I have an entire program for this contest.
If it works, it will be very interesting for the Steemit participants and a great success for Steemit.
I am glad to cooperate with you in the Steemit promotion program in the world.

 2 months ago 

steemit for betterlife
it is our duty to help each other improve the economy in the environment. I am always waiting for your contribution to promosteem. and you can also do promos on social media well.

btw. Where do you live

I live in Italy. Yes, I would like to attract as many new participants to Steemit as possible, and even better - new investors.

 2 months ago 

well. I will make you the promoter of italy. welcome to the club

Thanks to you. I'm Russian woman, but i live in Italy.