Steem Promo at the College of Technology Education-Kumasi Day 2: Street Campaign and Flyer Distribution

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In creating steem awareness and inviting people to Steemit we need to target the right people. People who technologically inclined, can read, write and have something of value to share for the greater benefit will be very instrumental to the steem blockchain.

This is why I have been campaigning steem in one of the colleges here in Ghana that is closer to where I live. The college was established purposely to train teachers to acquire technological skills that will be useful in our second cycle institutions.

Today i share with community update on my second visit to the college. It was indeed exciting as I engaged students who were either leaving campus or attending lectures. The Promo was all about giving a short or simple talk about steem and Steemit and then giving out flyers to those who were in hurry, perhaps trying to avoid any engagement.





This campaign is helping a lot in terms of making people become aware of the steem brand and to me that is so important. Using every means available in spreading steem around is very crucial. This will help those looking for investment opportunities out there become aware of Steem and invest.


You are doing a great job. You deserve all the support you need.

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Thank you for the encouragement sir

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Promotion is more interesting with people like you. Thanks bro.

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my pleasure

You are doing a very great job, continue to take Steemit to the Populace. My regards Thanks you.