My Promo-Steem University Campaign Promotions | How I've been an Active Advocate of Steemit

I'm the guy speaking at the middle wearing Gray Steemit shirt

Hello everyone!

This is actually a huge throwback when I was one of the top promoters of Steem all over the world. It was a long journey how I was able to make our university a Steem place for everyone. From students, friends of friends, university staff, professors, and even introduced it to our Dean.

It was a fulfilling experience sharing the platform and the opportunity that Steem provides. Steemit helped us to fund our studies, buy gadgets that we can use, hang out with friends, and have recreational activities. Now, without further ado, I would like to share the previous campaigns and promotions that I had. Most especially re-doing these things and make Steem great again in our community.

Steemit University Campaigns

• Steemit Campaign #1

1st - 1.jfif

This was my very first campaign in Steemit. I printed shirts in black here and printed Steemit Materials as a sign that we had a real meet up and Steemit was properly introduced - the dynamics, the rewards, and the strong community that we have here.

It was the start of something great. It attracted a lot of support from the community and that I just keep it going. Comments from people out there have encouraged me to do more and that what we were doing is something great that has rarely done with Steem before.

• Steemit Campaign #2

2nd - 2.jfif

Then the 2nd university campaign started. This time, it was more than what we expected! Too bad others weren't able to take the group photo because of the classes that they had. I had printed around 55 shirts there to give to the participants and students willing to learn.

It was a massive success as those users were able to sign up and contribute content to the community. The best thing about it is that they were able to earn and buy stuff for their studies. It created more hype for the community about what we were doing.

• Steemit Campaign #3

This was only a portion of students who were able to join. We were about 25 at that time and we had @purepinay visited us bringing huge boxes of pizzas. From there, we shared the basics and fundamentals of Steem, how we're incentivized, and the technicalities behind the blockchain in general.

These students were the passionate ones from the people that we shared. They brought their niche to the community as engineering students and good artists (drawing). They shared what they have in life and brought content to the community that is unique and with pure effort. I was caught in awe of how fast we're growing in just a couple of weeks.

Steem Supported Event: Steemnulog (Steemit + Sinulog)


Then the Steemit + Sinulog Festival happened. We joined forces and built out an event that Steem joins sinulog. As part of the festival celebration, we were giving Steemit flyers, Steemit pins, and free bottled waters to the participants and enjoyed the celebration.

There were really a lot of members out there who helped us, be with us, and dropped by. We promoted the platform to hundreds of thousands of people in the street and became an amazing group with such a unique vibe. We were very happy at that time hanging out with friends while enjoying the platform.

I am looking forward to Continuing this Initiative

I'm so glad that Steem has been an amazing community to all of us. I am optimistic that what we can do today will be better than what we did in the past. We've learned our lessons well and we've matured enough. I am positive that we can make things together. Thank you everyone and Steem On!

 5 months ago 

good job brother @jassennessaj, let's work harder to do promo-steem. We'll win with steem, and fly to the moon together

ayos yan master, let's make some noise again on steemit!

For sure! Let's make things work better this time.

 5 months ago 

Great job @jassennessaj 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Thank you @rosevillariasa! See you soon taga cebu rman diay pud ka.

 5 months ago 

See you around @jassennessaj 🇵🇭 Bisaya ni bai hehe and proudly Pinoy 🇵🇭

maligayang pagbabalik boss jassen hahaha