Daily Chat Contest | Day 1 | Inviting my colleagues in Steemit

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As days passed by, I was amazed by this platform. I am still a newborn in this community but I am thinking that I have more experiences already. Although I know, I need to learn more but I want everyone around me to know about this platform.


In the first screenshot, I am inviting my colleagues in the Young Adult planning team for an orientation via zoom. I am using the messenger app because it is accessible for us to communicate.


In the second screenshot, let me translate my invitation, "Good morning teachers, I just want to promote a platform to grade 1 teachers, maybe it can help. Your talent will be use without investing more on money."
Then someone replied.

That would be all that I can share today.
Have a good day :)

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thank you @jes88 for promoting steem to your colleagues and join steemit, I'll gift you 1 Steem as an appreciation to your efforts