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With currently running contest of @arie.steem and @vipnata, I decided to create a different contest that will ensure of getting atleast one new member to signup on steemit. I actually collaborated it with @arie.steem a couple of days ago, originally we want a contest that will include giving out flyers on the street while recording it but as you all know we are currently facing pandemic and it will cause great risks to our steemians.

To cut it short I decided to not continue that idea, with that I came up with the idea on how we can ensure a signup and campaign steemit on a much safer approach that will not include any physical contact.


  • ✅ Don't forget to Upvote and Resteem this contest
  • ✅ The Title of your submission should be [RECRUIT A SIGNUP BY @yourusername Submittion Post]
  • ✅ Post your submission in PromoSteem Community
  • ✅ Call anyone who you know personally or one of your friends in any of your social media account, just one is enough and make sure he will signup on steemit.
  • ✅ Document your conversations with him/her, whether it is screenshot or using screen recorder. (screen record or video recordings will have an advantage over screenshots). You can do both or either of the two, it is your choice, make your post as quality as much as possible!
  • ✅ Take a screenshot of him/her holding a paper with steemit username and date together with you on the call as well, with his/her steemit username and date of signup!(no need for self-introduction of your newly recruited member)
  • ✅ Use the #promo-steem and #julstamban (this is just to make sure you read the contest very well and to easily filter the submitted posts) Comment as well the link of your entry!
  • ✅ Minimum of 150 words, ofcourse plagiarism is highly discouraged! Any language is acceptable as long as it can be easily translated to English using google translate!

You can use AZ Screen Recorder for Android Or AZ RECORDER FOR iOS user or any screen recorder you prefer to use.

The contest will run 10.04.21 to 24.04.21 Announcement of the results on April 26, 2021

How the entries will be graded? It depends on how you present your entry since all of you will only have one invite. Basically, the quality of your post and how you present steemit to him/her.


First Place20 steem
Second Place15 steem
Third Place10 steem
5 special mentioned participantswill received 3 steem each

I humbly invite sponsors:

@xpilar, @xeldal, @enki, @stephenkendal, @bippe, @cryptokannon, @dobartim
CC: Hope you support our initiative!

TOTAL Prize Pool: 60 STEEM!

Note: Prize Pool will change if we can get more donations!

This contest in coordination with @arie.steem

 6 months ago 

good enthusiasm, I hope this contest goes well.
I'll send 10 steem for a donation


thanks @arie.steem bro, hope this get support from steemit!

 6 months ago 

i hope so :D

@julstamban, great idea! Good luck with your contest!

The winner will be the one who invites the most newcomers?

Thanks @vipnata, I see you are doing great. No actually, The title suggests that only a single newcomer. and you can also see at the rules/details that only a single signup is enough!

Thank you so much @julstamban

What is the specific closing date for this contest?

It is better to state the actual closing date in the post to prevent confusion.

Hi sir @pennsif thanks, I already updated the posts check the details.

Great thank you

thanks as well sir for your comments

Thanks @steemcurator01 for the support!

 6 months ago 

I have family and lots of friends, it's impossible not can, weak and stupid if I can't bring just one new user to Steemit. I really believe I can do this because I have you here @stephenkendal, @arie.steem and you. I'm optimistic. I will try my best for one Steemit member to come here. thank you for this great contest.

Thanks @ridwant I like your energy keep it up!

I want to participate. But I need tutorial on how to upload video on my post..

Since rule asked for a screen record.

I await your response @julstamban

glad that you are interested, you can upload it on youtube and paste your link on your article @pocoloco01. thanks keep on steeming!

  • julstamban
    [promosteem promoter Philippines]

Thanks so much.

I will be making my entry soon

 5 months ago 

Are we going to make a screen record with voice or just screen record our chat.

Cause I have call a friend through WhatsApp.
And he has signed up and complete is achievement 1 post.

But I want to know more about the screen record before I make my post.

I need an answer @julstamban

Awaiting a kind answer from you

It's your choice @mato445 whether your voice or onscreen record or just your conversation whichever do you think will make your entry above anyone else. It depends on your choice, okay? thanks for joining my contest

 5 months ago 

Okay thank you I will work on the screen record and post my entry now

 5 months ago 

Hello @julstamban

This is my entry, I did a screenshot and also a screenshot record video.

Thank you for the contest

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