Promo-Steem: Learning Some Ways and Strategies on Steemit

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Hello steemians! How's your day today? I am glad to share this to you that my friend @jes88 envited me to join the discussion of her Auntie @georgie84 about how to work on steemit with the techniques and strategies.

Here's our group participated by @sweetspicy, @steemitcebu,@georgie84,@jaofran, @jes88, @jufranketchup,@lealtafaith, and me @maiih21. Our speaker was @georgie84. I'm so glad because I learned a lot from her.

These are the learnings that I've learned from @georgie84, what is steemit?,three currencies of steemit, how to succed in steemit,how to engage to communities through upvoting, resteeming and commenting,helping fellow steemians and communities to grow by delegating and power up, basic mark down style, no foul and bad words, no plagiarism, ways to create a good quality content and others.


With our fellow steemians and to our speaker @georgie84 thank you so much. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more,grow
and enhancee my skills. Once again, thank you.

Soar high Steemians!

Truly Yours,
@maiih21 😊

 7 months ago 

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote
By: PromoSteem Community

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Thank you Promo Steem Community.

 7 months ago 

Nice work. I'm happy to see @georgie84 helping in doing this. Let's grow together with all. Thanks for your input to the growth of promosteem @maiih21.

Thank you sir @mcsamm.

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