Chat a friend Contest week 1; Promoting steemit through social media platforms (100 STEEM Prize Pool).

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Design credit to @mcsamm

"Have you been awarded a contract to promote steemit"?
This happens to be one of the most interesting and amazing but important questions l have been asked a couple of times since l joined steemit. It looks as if my existence has been nothing more serious to them than sharing steem with people every single day. I will agree if people around you ask you similar questions in your endeavor to promote steemit. These are some of the situations that every promoter must have in mind inasmuch as you have made steemit promotion a core objective of your daily activity like myself.

I wonder how the situation feels with steemians like @stephenkendal @arie.steem @vipnata @pennsif @pojan @julstamban and many other promoters who make steem promo their daily habits. Sometimes, some of these people are right about how we keep sharing steem with them. I simply assume their question and insinuation certainly rhetorical.
The truth of the matter is, some of us our blood runs through the steem blockchain. The thrill of sharing steemit with people is so amazing that each day gives me the urge to promote steem in every possible way.



steem chat challenge

Do you have a problem talking to someone? Here comes another great opportunity to engage people around you about steemit. This would not require you so much effort to share steemit. I feel so excited to bring this up to enable people to earn something for themselves in their quest to promote steemit to their friends. This contest is here to establish a platform for people on your contact lists on the various social media platforms you belong to. All you need to do is to initiate a conversation exclusively about steemit. Once the fellow responds, help them to know steem to be a social media they would you belong which you would want to see them join as well. You certainly have to be creative in chatting with them to ensure that, a link is sent to them for a look. It would be a plus if you go on to help them through account creation.

You may not obviously be a social media type of person. That is to say, you don't belong to many social media platforms. But whichever medium you can use to initiate a chat with someone about steemit is what this contest is all about. Everyone you are connected to must know about steemit. Let them understand the need to join steem to make it the best social media to bring digital transformation to the lives of people. I hope to ensure this contest runs every week. This presupposes that you must have just one person to share steemit with through chat. You may use Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, zoom, discord, SMS, or any through which you can successfully chat with someone to invite to steemit.


How it works

From today as the first week of this contest, participants are to begin a chat with someone on any social media platform you can have it done. You are not limited to a particular one. To make things easier and more effective, focus on just one person to start a steem chat with, which will possibly aim at getting the person signed up for steemit. You will be sharing also with us screenshots as proof of work for the conversation between you and the fellow.

With this activity, participants of this contest will assist us in promoting steemit by bringing 48-50 newbies at the end of every year. The following gives a description of how this will be achieved.

Total Invitation & Signups
Total weeklyTotal monthlyTotal Yearly

How would you feel knowing through your weekly participation in this contest has signed up 4 friends of yours on steemit through chats? This is absolutely incredible. Plans are going to be made to make the existence of all these invitations a good one. You only have to play your part in ensuring your chat with a friend has added a newbie to this blockchain. All we need is active participants who will be real and willing to chat with someone every week. We will certainly draw the attention of all our friends and families to steemit as the best social media platform that gives them the opportunity to blog and have fun.

10 STEEM for every participant. (Follow contest rules)


  • This is an open weekly contest in any language running from today 19th April to receive entries from all steemians on the steem blockchain.
  • All entries must be made through promo seem community with a minimum of 150 words.
  • Share with us evidence of the conversation between the two parties. You may do this by screenshots or screen recorder or even both to demonstrate the chat of your invitation.
  • Include the date and indicate the name of social media you used for your conversation.
  • Only one entry is permitted as your personal and original work with NO plagiarism.
  • Make your TITLE (Chat a friend contest by @yourusername).
  • Make sure to Resteem, Upvote, and Comment the link of your entry to this post
  • Use the tags #steemchatcontest(first tag), #promo-steem(second tag), your country tag e.t.c

Many thanks to @steemcurator01, @booming01, @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @dorbatim, @arie.steem, @vipnata, @pojan, @julstamban for their daily support and guidance through contests and promotional activities to reach the world with steemit.

10% payout of all posts going out to

 2 months ago 

@mcsamm I want to ask that if I need to have new invite starting today or I can use my last invite friends conversation in messenger? She is already sign in and gain rewards now for her introduction.

 2 months ago 

Thanks for your support in promoting steemit. I would be glad if you could start a new chat with someone new especially for this contest. I hope to see active members who would make this a weekly exercise since the contest will run each week. I look forward to seeing your entry soon dear @liamnov

 2 months ago 

Thank you I try to convince one this week.

 2 months ago 

Waiting to see your entry.

 2 months ago 

This is my submission. Thank you for this initiative

Great initiative, my friend @mcsamm.
It's a pleasure to be part of a team of promoters.
I also see Steemit as a micro model of the world we all want to live in.
To do this, we need to invite people not only to earn coins, but also to tell them about charity projects, of which there are many on Steemit.
I think this will help in the future to form not only consumers who fill their wallet, but also those who will help others.
The selection must be comprehensive: the ability to create valuable content, the person must have the property of empathy for the misfortune of another and the desire to help the weaker, take part in the life of Steemit, the ability to earn cryptocurrency and invest in Steemit in the future.

 2 months ago 

Great. We must give to the community what we earn also. Helping our society to survive is a promo in effect. Thanks too @vipnata

All entries must be made through promo seem....

please make the correction

Hoping to join soon🤜🤛

 2 months ago (edited)


When will the contest end.
And I don't really understand it
Is the winner chose weekly or how?

I knew this contest will definitely come ...big ups bro 😎

 2 months ago 

Waiting to see your invitation. Help spread steem

 2 months ago 

Hope to see you join this sson

Nice initiative.✊ Steemit to the world🌍

 2 months ago 

Thanks, bro. be prepared to share and chat with someone about steemit.

 2 months ago 

Nice contest

Buenas tardes, comparto por acá mi participación. Saludos y Bendiciones

Its a great opportunity to share with our friends and they come on board to learn new ideas

 2 months ago 

Waiting for your entry too

 2 months ago 

good contest .. by inviting friends via other social media. it got a noticeable effect and a great influence on the steemit community

 2 months ago 

Thanks for your support in doing this @arie.steem

 2 months ago 

that's a fun contest brother, hope you continue to inspire more specially in your communtiy

 2 months ago 

Thanks bro

I don't really understand this contest please I need more explanation

 2 months ago 

The contest is all about sharing steem with a friend through chat. Show proof of chats between you and the person you chatted with about steemit. Join this to wwin some steem for bringing someone to the steem platform.

So when will it end

And is it a weekly contest or how is the winner decided