Introducing Steem Market Promo Contest (Over 45 Steem Pool Prize to be won)

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Hello to all and sundry,

I feel privileged and honored to come your way this week with this amazing contest. Market Fridays have been an existing activity on the blockchain since its inception, for our contest we want to take this brilliant idea further by initializing the idea of steem promotion when we go out to shop or buy things from the market


I know we all like to shop, and definitely within a day of the week we put ourselves out there to buy something from someone. As i already mentioned, the goal is to promote steem, we want to bring on business, investors, people with innovations and things that would add quality to the blockchain in many ways.

And so here's what to do or how to participate in this contest;

  • Wear your Steemit T-Shirt on your shopping expedition or your trip to the market

  • Tell someone or introduce a shop or store to steemit , you may give out flyers if you have one, sign them up if they are interested.

  • Share your story with us, show evidence of your work

Rules of the game

  1. Contest is open to all

  2. Only one entry is required within the week

  3. Please avoid plagiarizing

  4. Post should be at least 250 words long

  5. Post your entry through the PromoSteem Community

  6. Drop your entry link in the comment section below

  7. The tags #promo-steem, #marketpromo, #steemexclusive and that of your country is all we require.

Prizes to be won

  • First Place - 15 Steem

  • Second Place - 12 Steem

  • Third Place - 9 Steem

  • Fourth place - 6 Steem

  • Fifth place - 3 Steem

Contest Ends on Sunday, 16th May, 12:00AM GMT, Winners will be Publish on Monday, 17th May.

Please note: All entries would be awarded based on effort

Let's take steem to the world, let's raise the name of steem up that the world may hear of us. It will take you and me to get the work done. I look forward to your amazing entries and i wish you all best of luck.

10% to

All country reps

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 7 months ago 

Hello Country reps, please do share this amazing contest with your various communities, @thegreens [Cameroon],
@ngoenyi [Nigeria],@graceleon [Argentina], @nahela [Colombia], @miyexi [Venezuela], @ rypo01 [Venezuela]
,@saracampero [Venezuela],@abuahmad [Bangladesh], @ boss75 [Bangladesh], @ sm-shagor [Bangladesh], @heriadi [Indonesia], @vvarishayy [Pakistan], @yousafharoonkhan [Pakistan], @julstamban [Philippines], @damithudaya [Sri Lanka], @ svm038 [Turkey]

 7 months ago 

I will submit my entry soon. Thanks

 7 months ago 

I will certainly be looking forward to it, thank you brother

 7 months ago 

Promoting steem at the market is a nice idea. We need to change the behavior of people at the market centers with steem. Thanks for this initiative @nattybongo

 7 months ago 

Thank you too for the support

Very good one. I will give a try. So let me go get a steem shirt

 7 months ago 

Yes do get it, the shirt really helps and make the conversation a whole lot easier, also let people feel a bit at ease with you

 7 months ago 

bro I dnt have the T shirt

 7 months ago 

Where are you now, so I can get one to you as soon as possible? Text me on telegram or WhatsApp for it’s arrangement

 7 months ago 

I dey NSUTA pls ur cantact

 7 months ago 

call me on 0556003865

 7 months ago 

Wow such an interesting contest

 7 months ago 

I look forward to your entry dear, let’s send steem to the world, every where we go

 7 months ago 

Taking steem to the business world is awesome. Thanks for this too @nattybongo

 7 months ago 

My pleasure senior Sam

Hola me gustaría participar pero soy nueva en la comunidad y no tengo una camisa steem

 7 months ago 

Si tiene algo que pueda representar a Steem, puede usarlo para participar, y no se preocupe por ser nuevo, una vez que esté haciendo el trabajo de promoción, estará en línea con nuestros objetivos.

Gracias amigo

 7 months ago 

Hello, I have interest to participate but I don't have T-shirt.

 7 months ago 

You use anything that represents steem to participate, if you have some flyer etc

 7 months ago 

I can just print some flyers and started sharing it in my local market place.

 7 months ago 

Thanks a good idea, do well to explain steem to them though and try to sign them up if they are willing

I believe I will be the winner 🤗🤗

 7 months ago 

I look forward to it bro

 7 months ago 

Thanks for your entry dear, let’s take steem wherever we find ourselves


 7 months ago 

Thank you for entry bro, I wish you best of luck, steem on

 7 months ago 


 7 months ago 

Sorry my entry is quite late but is not late to share steem to the business world !’now my entry

 7 months ago 

We just rolled out the Week two, i suggest you make it an entry for week two rather since payouts have already been processed and winners announced, find the link to the week two post;

 7 months ago 

Oooh okay thanks bro…

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