PromoSteem Event Preparation : "Location survey, Booking Room and preparation of health protocols (Preventing Corona Virus)"

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PromoSteem target

Because a PromoSteem event will be held about introducing the steemit platform to new users and refreshing to old users who are no longer active. So today, I and the @ponpase Team, and a lot of help from the Communityleader #promo-steem @arie.steem have conducted a place survey, booked an area and thought of a number of things that must be maintained during the promosteem in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Corona Virus Prevention (Mask & HandSanitizer)

Considering that the Corona Virus is still not over, the PromoSteem Team thinks of the best things for the participants who are present, this is also done to maintain our safety together. In our preventive action, we have a plan to give free masks to the participants who attend and wash their hands using a hand sanitizer.

Supply :

  • 20 Pcs Medical Masks,
  • Hand Sanitizer 100 ml.



Location PromoSteem

PromoSteem will be carried out in one of the places in the Lhokseumawe city area, this is the place that we think is the most suitable for doing PromoSteem. We choose the second floor to do this activity. Without having to do a lot of surveys in several places, this is the most strategic location.

More details, the location of the promosteem is in downtown Lhokseumawe,

  • Coffee Shop: Taufik Kopi 2
  • Address: Jl. Merdeka No.108-109, Lhokseumawe, Banda Sakti, Lhokseumawe City,

location Promo.jpg

lhokseumawe city road to Taufik Kopi.

PromoSteem Area Conditions

The facilities in this place make it possible to conduct PromoSteem events, we do a survey in great detail to make it easier for new prospective steemians to understand every material that will be provided


  • "Invocus & Microphone", to make it easier to provide material and easier for the attendees to understand.
  • "Wifi", makes it easier for participants to directly access the steemit platform, and easier to understand about the material provided (material and practice).

survei Facilities

Booking Room

Booking area is made to ensure that the place will be used for the promotion event. A little chat with the cashier of the Taufik Kopi 2 coffee shop. Price offers and so on were also confirmed at the same time. The target event will be held for 2 hours, from 03:00 P.M to 05:00 P.M. We also think about the availability of drinks, food to the comfort of the guests of the PromoSteem event. Finally, payment for the Booking Agreement is made, we pay half the price of the entire booking fee for 2 hours.

  • Place of Order: 2 Hours, 15:00 P.M - 17:00 P.M


This is the first step to #promo-steem, and will be an ongoing activity. Hopefully this initial step will help make better #promo-steem in the future. And of course to advance the welfare of the community through the steemit platform. Introducing steemit to many people is our main goal here. We also have a target to introduce steemit further to newcomers, directing participants to more easily direct their skills.

Cc : @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02
@booming01, @stephenkendal, @dobartim

Special Thanks to :
Steem SEA Communities | Seven Fingers Communities
@arie.steem | @ponpase
Aceh, Indonesia.

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Semoga acara nya berjalan dengan lancar.

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Terimakasih supportnya buk @ernaerningsih.

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Amazing @pojan, I think that would be a continuous event in the future. Anyway keepsafe always

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thank you @julstamban, of course this is a good start for us. and forever will remain on the same path. let's be happy with steem.

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