PromoSteem Radio Show - Pakistan [5 June 2021]

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PromoSteem is making new developments in Steem Blockchain and the Radio Meetups of different countries members is also one of the initiatives taken by the team. The Radio show is a virtual meetup in Promosteem discord channel to discuss the ideas and plans of promoting steem in respective countries.

In continuation of the Discord Radio show, we are sharing the highlights of 2nd Radio Show Pakistan that was organized by Pakistan Promoter @cryptokraze under the supervision of @arie.steem and the support of all team. The meetup was organized on Saturday 5 June at 16:00 Pakistan Time and despite short time notice for this event, we got a good audience.


Starting the Show

The Radio Show was started at the given time and we had 14 participants that made themselves available for the show despite the short notice. We discussed general things in the start to get the atmosphere more friendly to encourage participants engagement.

Educate A Friend Contest – To Bring New People on Steemit
After the welcome, @cryptokraze discussed about his Daily contest Educate A friend and explained the rules of the contest. Participants were guided on how to bring their friends to steemit platform and ensure that they understand the concept. There was good response among participants about the contest and there will be many new people joining Steemit in this month.

Sharing Promo Activities in Community Page
The next agenda of the show was explained to participants on how to share their promo activities on the community page. They were guided to keep record of all their promo activities like chat history and take pictures while guiding their friends and family. A proper story post should be created showing the detailed activities they have done while bringing their friends on board. They should make good efforts in making their promo posts and then publish in the community page.

PromoSteem PU Level Ranking System
The Promosteem ranking and labeling system was recently introduced and @cryptokraze explained the ranking system in simple words. The participants were explained about the importance of powering up regularly so that they can get these exclusive labels and enjoy benefits and support for long term. As most of the participants are very new to the platform, they were encouraged to keep doing their promo activities and they will get support eventually to reach at least PU Level 1.

Ending the Show on Higher Note

At the end of the Show, we got more ideas shared by the participants like printing flyers having keynotes so that they can easily promote to other people. Participants showed their commitment to promote steem in Pakistan and take the community to a higher level in terms of both quantity and quality.

We are greatly thankful to all the participants who joined the 2nd Radio show and we will keep organizing such events in the future as well.


Thanks to Steemit Team : steemcurator01
PromoSteem Sponsor :
@stephenkendal , @siz-official, @around-theworld

Kind Regards
PromoSteem Team
@arie.steem As Community Leader
@pojan As Team Support
@ponpase As Team Support

Promoters Team
@julstamban - Philippines
@mcsamm - Ghana
@nattybongo - Ghana
@cryptokraze - Pakistan
@michaelchijioke - Nigeria
@oscarcc89 - Venezuela

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the team and the promoter have agreed to provide support to @steemcoffeeshop, every 25% post for the steemcoffee project in 2 weeks

Report by @cryptokraze. Thank You.

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I am happy we had a successful meeting with the Pakistan community. well work guys

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you can give report to me about nigeria radio next time, and i can publish from promosteem account to

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