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The PromoSteem community has grown and can help Minnow in terms of post curation, because of that we go every day to see and rate the best content in the community, communities that are formed to promote Steem throughout the country are now here to help those of you who have carried out promotional activities steem.

Not only helping with promotional content, we will also come to the entire Steemit community to rate and provide support if we don't get enough promotional content for us to vote.


This is 5 contents got 100% vote :



This is @cryptokraze working as Promotor Pakistan in this great community Promosteem and I am very excited to share that I have achieved PU Level 3 by powering up 2500 SP and delegating 250 SP to I would like to pay my thanks to @arie.steem and all team of promosteem for creating this great community and showed their commitment towards power up.



In a way to promote steem in my university, I.e the Federal University Wukari here in Taraba State Nigeria, I have organised a 3 days Recruitment and Intensive Training program which will be starting on 14th June being Monday to 16th of June being Wednesday.



Sebagaimana postingan saya beberapa hari yang lalu tentang Promo Steemit Bersama The Diary Game - Betterlife Saya telah melakukan promosteem tentang perkenalan Platform Steemit tahap pertama kepada rekan kerja saya yang bekerja pada bidang umum dan perlengkapan di kantor saya.



As today, one of my best inspiration and achievement is promoting STEEMIT platform to mactan-lupa urban poor association (MACLUPA) officers. Since this day was schedule for their meeting session of association officers.



I must say a very big thank you to each and everyone of us for the great work we do always to help promote steem and also getting more people on board. May we all be great. Today, I decided to visit some newbies I signed on to steemit and take them through some tutorials in stem and also help them understand more things on steam.


We have also voted some content with various % vote to help them be even more enthusiastic about contributing to the Steemit platform. thank you for giving a good post for today :

Special Mention for Other Content


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We are very open to receiving delegations from anyone who wants to support the community. if you are interested in becoming a delegator for PromoSteem you can give any delegation you like :

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Thanks to Steemit Team : steemcurator01
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semoga program promo steem ini meningkatkan para peminat baru untuk berkarya di platform ini. dan sukses terus untuk para promo steem dimanapun.

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