Delegated more Steem Power to - Total Delegation 600+ from which 150+ to

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Asslam u Alaikum and Hello to fellow Steemians,

This is salmanwains, Punjab Police Officer of PSCA. I hope that you all are fine, healthy and doing great.

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Today again, I have delegated more than 500+ Steem and my Total outgoing Steem Power now is 600+ to valuable community accounts who are helping their members and putting value in Steem Echo System.

Almost Five days ago, I decided to delegate my 100 Steem Power to community account and that thing motivated me a lot and now I have decided delegate 500+ more Steem Power to community accounts like

Today again, I have delegated 50 more Steem Power to and my total delegation to this community account is now become 150+

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Moreover, I have also delegated my steem power to other community accounts like steemit-pak, siz-official and endingplagiarism

Screenshot of total outgoing (Delegated) Steem Power

My Delegation.JPGCredit: steemworld


Furthermore, I am also doing Powerup's every Month to increase my power so that I have more vote value or I become able to delegate more of my power to other community accounts like

Finally, I want to say that I am bringing more new members on Steemit by promoting Steemit Offline and Online on different Social media channels and guiding those members through discord, Zoom Sessions and whatsapp.

Many of them are still in learning phase as well as struggling to get support. But on the other hand, many of them found their way to work on Steemit by Posting quality content. I wish best of luck to all of them and hope better days will come for all.

Thank You


@arie.steem, @cryptokraze

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Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote 100 %
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