📣 Promoting Steemit in my city | More printings, t-shirts, and distribution of flyers in the mall - Day # 2 (August 18, 2021) by @saracampero

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This day, we continue promoting steemit in my city. I am very happy to do this activity, because it is very exciting to share with other people my experiences in this wonderful social network. Join me to see how we did in this other day of adventure in my city.

Flyers used

As you already know a few days ago I took the boldness to make some flyers that call a little attention for the promotion of steemit in my city, I did not tell you before, but I leave them here so that all the people of my country can print it and go out to distribute them easily:

My first flyer, by @saracampero

My second flyer part 1, by @saracampero

My second flyer part 2, ​by @saracampero

Important information about the flyer.

I decided to include my linktr.ee profile, where I gathered and compiled important information so that people can easily start their way in steemit. See.

More flyer impressions this day

Before starting today's distribution, I decided to go to the cyber coffee to print color sheets, but this time I printed little bigger flyers, four (4) copies per sheet.

Printing of the second flyer (4 copies per sheet), by @saracampero (18,08,2021) Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Price for prints this day:

  • 1 color printing: 0.456 STEEM = 1,000,000 VES.
  • 1 black and white print: 0.228 STEEM = 500,000 VES.

Total impressions for this day - Second flyer at a larger size (4 copies per sheet)

  • 15 color sheets = 60 Flyers.

Total cost: 15,000,000 VES = 6.84 STEEM

It is really not very expensive to promote Steemit and Steem in our country, maybe they should make it regular for everyone, including community managers ".

PromoSteem community logo printed on a t-shirt for me.

Personally, I love shirts with custom logos and days ago before starting the adventure I sent to make the printing of this nice logo on a new white t-shirt, when I left the cyber I received a WhatsApp message from the store where I print the t-shirts saying that they were ready, well this and other SWC that I sent to make, this day I went out with my favorite shirt to the street but as that was ready, I left it on after trying it xD

Receiving t-shirt, by @saracampero (18,08,2021) Anzoátegui, Venezuela

When I received the shirt I took the opportunity to talk about steemit to the girls in the store, I left her flyer and she was asking me and asking me about steemit for more than 20 minutes, I hope she joins soon. Well, I was already curious since every week I print a different shirt in their store.

Handing out flyers to the girl who prints the t-shirts, by @saracampero (18,08,2021) Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Handing out flyers - Day 2

After changing my t-shirt I took advantage of the fact that I was in the mall of my city and I started to distribute flyers to all the locals from restaurants, clothing stores, ice cream shops, electronic stores, shoe stores, and every woman I saw walking or shopping, as you know, I want all women to know about my favorite community Steem Women Club.








Distribution of flyers in the mall of my city @saracampero (18,08,2021) Anzoátegui, Venezuela

I hope you enjoyed this promotional material and that you are encouraged to imitate these steps in all the cities of our country.I see many requests for community support for the same users in my country, people begging for support, and others complaining about the same, but I don't see many people interested in promoting steemit and steem in our country.

Captura de pantalla 2021-08-20 a la(s) 6.43.23 a. m..png
Current visits to my profile at https://linktr.ee/saramcapero

That's all for today, I hope you find this material very useful and that you take advantage of it. Thank you very much for coming to enjoy my blog, I hope you liked it and that you come back soon.


Best Regards
Country Representative Venezuela

 4 months ago 

I hope all the ladies around you will be excited to join you here on steemit.

Amiga excelente trabajo el que realizas, una manera de promocionar muy original directamente a la calle! Seguro captará más la atención de las personas!! Muchos éxitos y bendiciones!!! Saludos..

Es gratificante ver cómo das a conocer esta plataforma. Yo le he hablado a las personas, pero no les he entregado nada. Sin embargo tengo esperanzas que pronto se estén uniendo unas cuántas a esta hermosa plataforma de Steemit. Bendiciones y Éxitos.

 4 months ago 

Excelente te manejas muy bien en la promo de steemit , definitivamente ese es el ánimo y el ejolo que muchos necesitamos para hacer de nuestra plataforma un lugar más grande y provechoso para todos ! Gracias por tu ejemplo y poner en alto a steemit

Me encanta la naturalidad y receptividad de las personas. Estas hermosos los volantes Sara. Ojala se sumen más usuarios. Éxitos bella.

 4 months ago 

Excelente trabajo Sara! Me encanto la franela de Promo Steem 💖💖💖

Es admirable tu trabajo para hacer crecer esta plataforma

 4 months ago 

Good Job Sara !

📢Excelente promoción de steemit amiga 👏

Wuao qué increíble trabajo haces Sara, me gustaría hacer algo similar aquí en mi ciudad Cumaná, así impulsamos la comunidad a todo el territorio.
Saludos, me gusta esta labor

Hola amiga excelente trabajo muchas felicidades 😘

Que bueno que siempre tengas ganas de que está plataforma crezca y de hacer lo posible por qué mas personas ingresen

Excelente tu propuesta y se ve el disfrute de lo que haces

Wow que gran trabajo estas haciendo de promoción se que tendras exitos porque eres buena en tu trabajo y le pones corazon exitos.

Tu promoción y compromiso con Steemit es admirable, desde que llegué a la plataforma veo que haces vida y haces un eco enorme en ella a través de tu aporte y me gustaría felicitarte, y decirte que como yo, muchos steemians valoran, admiran y respetan tu aporte a la comunidad. Sin olvidar que transmites una motivación a promocionar Steemit.

Éxitos y bendiciones, y gracias por hacer llegar esta red social a quienes lo necesitan.


Hola Sara, de verdad que eres una persona que ama lo que hace, que excelente manera de promocionar y mostrarle a las personas lo que es esta hermosa plataforma. Eres inspiración para promover a Steemit entre todos!! Te deseo muchos éxitos y bendiciones. ❤

 4 months ago 

Impressive Sara!! You are always planning and doing something great for Steemit. We need more people like you here. 💙

Amiga admiro mucho el trabajo que haces dentro de la plataforma, siempre estás promocionando steemit y siempre con esas buenas ideas, el salir a la calle y repartir los volantes es una manera de llegar más rápido a las personas.

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 4 months ago 

Mañana sábado voy al centro comercial. Me encanta 😍 cómo cada vez la plataforma se hace más conocida.

excelente trabajo amiga, sigue adelante...

Amiga felicidades esto es compromiso, amor y dedicación, la clave perfecta para el exito personal y de la plataforma.
Un abrazo!!

 4 months ago 

I've always admired your promotional works,,,great and massive work

 4 months ago 

So much fun my sister @saracampero

we are the PromoSteem family and actively promote #Steem and #Steemit in our respective countries.

Keep going, this is a good and positive job it will boost the economy and the growth of Steem value in society.

I must say am inspired. This is more of giving back to the community. Let's hope most of them joined. There is a lot they should expect.

Wow! Amazing! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.😄❤️

 4 months ago 

Go go go... que continue la promoción!.📣 📣

You did a great job, sweety 💙💪🏻

Excelente trabajo el que siempre realizas en pro de la plataforma Steemit, sigue así amiga eres excelente en todo.☺️😊👏

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