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Hello everyone here in Promosteem. I pray all is well.
As I go through reviewing my steeming experience , no time wasted for me because I share. Noticed or unnoticed I love to share my thoughts. And I hope as I continue to grow as a steemian the one reading this will also stay here as a family.
As I benefit from steeming , I cannot avoid thinking people also who are closer to me to join. To experience what I have experience. The feeling of fulfillment of what I have done and most of all the friendship I found here. Though we don't see each other but there is something that connects us to each other. Thank you for creating Steemit.It connects people but unlike other system, it does not leave our beautiful moments, skills, and more on us by posting alone. It goes beyond that. A good and quality work is awarded.
Now I started introducing Steemit to my daughter and son hope they will follow me. My daughter promised to sign up as soon as their research in school will be passed because she will graduate from senior high this year. I convinced her to bring her friends also. Because here in Steemit , talents does not stay there sleeping in a corner and time will come it will lose its purpose if not used properly. Here it will serve on its purpose. And it even can help other people who are in need. Even animals and nature. It has wide fields of community to choose where to plant our seeds of passion. It teaches us to share, to give and to appreciate other peoples work. It allows us to connect to others around the globe.But before going far we should start from people that is on our side.


Inviting my School Colleagues
Our teacher colleagues. Here in Suba Masulog Elementary School the Art School of Sunflower .Though mam Melissa my room mate a grade two teacher is preparing to sign up. Mam Bonife my co team in our canteen at this time is on the process of signing up but the internet connection was too slow. While we are on duty on our canteen I am excited to share it to my next article. Its good to invite people who found Steemit amazing. They love to join. I hope the internet connection will cooperate when they sign up I will pray for that .
Another reason is that as of this week we are too much busy for the preparation of our school for the checking and school monitoring. They feel excited about signing up only that we have so many things to finish. I am quite sure they will find a good time to start.

Inviting my Family
Today I go back to convincing my son Aldee again to join instead of spending too much time with his girlfriend. As my eldest he is already working. Now he is 23 years old. He keep on asking even he cannot decide yet because he is not confident on writing but I told him I am here to guide him.
Next will be my husband and I am excited for them.

Thank you for this .
Regards @arie.steem

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Thank you steemcurators for passing by


wow. what a good start mam @sweetmaui01. Keep it up

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Thank you @ponpase for the reminder, ☺️

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