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RE: Daily Chat Contest #6 (09-05-2021) - 10 Steem Everyday [Total 300 Steem] - 9 New User Join So Far

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MeMy Friend(Shehryar)
Bro?, What about the scene of your joining steemit platform?Yes bro,Steemit? send me the link to it so that I can signup.
I sent you before didn't you see it?Ok, And also tell me, you told me before that by posting we can also be rewarded? xD, Anyways I save the pdf of keys and tell me when you are going to teach me about the usage of it? I will arrive at your house tomorrow night then you are going to teach me.
Yes, Bro, you can earn by posting quality content and you can also invest in it, it's like the concept of cryptocurrency, Any ways meet me tomorrow i will tell you moreThumbs up
 3 months ago