How To Deal With Loneliness?

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Relationships are sacred. They are sacred because only through relationship can we define 'who we are?' Are you good, bad, loving, caring, angry, envious, or depressed? None of these is possible if nothing (person or things) exist but you. Your behavior while relating with the other or how you deal with the other defines you. And you are defining yourself every moment, either consciously or unconsciously. Those who want to improve themselves, define 'who they are?' consciously. When you define yourself consciously you do not react but respond to events around you.

Human psychology is complex and no two persons behave the same. Even twins have differences in their behavior although to a large extent most of them behave alike.

When your behavior or that of another person is in some way considered socially inappropriate or does not serve you or anyone or anything else, you may wish to "deal with" such behavior. Even if you choose to ignore the behavior, if that somehow serves you or the other, that too is a kind of "dealing with."

In this series of open-ended questions posted regularly your opinion will be sought on how you would deal with a behavior pattern that is generally considered socially inappropriate or does not serve anyone or anything.

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Meditate regularly. That is probably the best solution to loneliness.

I think it is emotion and selfishness that we must completely control,
Holding back the anger little by little,

Thank you brother, this is all I can say

anger is one of excitement ,, posting is very useful ,, thank you buddy

Here is a useful quote from Deepak Chopra,

Loneliness, on the other hand, is the condition of feeling negative about your own company and therefore requiring other people to fill that inner lack.

The above quote is taken from this interesting and instructive article:

Happy reading.

Humans are CREATED (?) as social beings. Interactions between them is unconsciously encoded into their psyche !
This account for "LONELINESS " when that link of socialisation is severed by whatever . That situation is akin to loosing an important organ in the human system. It must manifest symptom of ill health .

Loneliness is absence of the social link of interactions between species .

But it should be noted that socialisation is not and can't be universal. What is considered as socially "good " in some climes is regarded as a misnormer in others because of the subjective nature of what we call IDEALS.

Thus what one deemed " inappropriate relationship" is another's appropriate relationship. Mutual acceptance is therefore what distinguishes one from the other , despite some undemocratic imposition of some by governments and traditional authorities !!