How long more do you think the current crypto bull market will last?

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|| Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay ||

Unlike the last crypto bull market this time around we see many institutional investors investing in cryptocurrencies. We have also seen more governments taking proactive steps towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies although some are still contemplating a total ban on cryptocurrencies. In addition, many payment processing companies, fund managers and banks have reversed their previous anti-crypto stance and are now beginning to take an active interest in cryptocurrencies.

All these developments are likely to make the current bull market last much longer than the previous one. But to predict how long it would last is a difficult question and would necessary be a wild guess in our view. What do you think?


Investments from institutional investors is just trickling in. There is a lot more scope because the number of institutional investors is huge. Besides because institutional investors cannot invest without a mandate from their board, their investments are likely to be spread over a long period. Given this scenario, the timeline for the bull market could be longer than a year.

Meanwhile, concerted action taken by countries on a global scale to regulate and control cryptocurrencies could put a damper on the progress, but it is unlikely to hamper the progress unless countries proceed to ban cryptocurrencies on a global scale in concert, which is very unlikely given the ongoing developments.