Can steemit give you financial freedom by investing on it today ?

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If you know what is about to happen in steem ecosystem, you will not hesitate to borrow money from IMF, world bank, islamic bank, federal reserve in order to invest on steem coin and SBD as well.

If you hover around the atmosphere of bitcoin and other alticoins , you will realize that almost all of them have surpass the previous high that happened on 2017 .

Take for instance ,
Bitcoin has surpass the previous 2017 high which is $20,000 per bitcoin . Today , bitcoin has tasted $60,000 per coin

Etherum has surpass the previous 2017 high which is $1,400 per coin . Now Etherum has tasted $2,500

Last but not the list binance has move from 2017 previous high to $540 per coin

Having invested on binance , look at the return on my investment
I placed a buying position on binance coin when the price was at $30 per coin , now binance coin is trading at $546 per coin .
Just take your calculator and calculate how many pips in profit i am on this position , you will realize that binance coin has move thousands upon thousands of pips in profit .

The golden question i want you guy to ask is that " why did i place a buying position instead of a selling position . From this , you will realize that what we do is pure analytic with 98% degree of confidence.
I want you to do research on steem ecosystem , you will realize that judging from all ramification that is both fundamental and technical tools steem coin and SBD is set to surpass the 2017 previous high which is $9 and $21 respectively .
If you invest on these coin today , will it not give you financial freedom tomorrow when it surpass the 2017 previous high ? OR Do you think that this won't happen, my dear co-investors , Steem coin is not only set to rise but also ready to jump in this bull phase we are into .
Do not be surprise if you wake up one day and see steem and SBD have jumped twice or thrice its price. This is what is about to happen , or what do you think about steem ecosystem in this bull phase.


The STU (SteemTokenUnit) with steem and steemdollar is one of the best Token. Here my description.
I wish you big success.

Yes, steem does have a good business model. However, because the onboarding is laborious (as it takes much effort and learning compared to other centralized platforms) its growth is slow. Moreover there is competition from Hive, which wasn't there during the last bull run.

I'm only acting on steemit.

You are right, many of the coins have surpassed their previous highs during the last bull run but steem hasn't. Steem would certainly go higher than the previous high soon and when it does it will be multiples of today's price.