When is silence golden?

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|| Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay ||

This open-ended question was inspired by this article No silence, please: Five situations where silence is not golden

The above article lists out situations in which silence is NOT golden.

People tend to quote well known proverbial sayings as if they are absolute truths that have an application in every life situation. Most of these proverbial sayings are relevant only in limited circumstances and the opposite of it is also true in most other circumstances. Politicians and marketers use these proverbial sayings freely, capitalizing on people's weakness in taking them to be of universal application.

The above is also true of the proverbial saying, "Silence Is Golden." Under certain circumstances it is indeed behooving to keep silence. What are these circumstances? Share your thoughts.


Whenever whatever you say , even in private could be dangerous to your life as the walls could disseminate it to the subject and he/ she would react negatively!