Use common sense and try to survive

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There is a lot of frustration in life that many people do not understand, but can be overcome by their own willpower.I think frustration, sadness, suffering are all part of a life and it is normal for a person to have all of these.But a real person can handle these things very easily if he wants to.

I believe that those who are mentally strong and use their mental strength immensely are the only ones who survive in life and they see the face of success in life by overcoming the frustrations and sorrows of life.No matter how frustrated you are, think carefully about yourself once and find out your weaknesses and then act accordingly. Hopefully success will come in your life.20200513_11323101.jpeg20200513_11313401.jpeg20200513_11325101.jpeg20200513_11325501.jpeg20200513_11335001.jpeg photography author.

I know no one is good in this difficult time of the world. I am not good either. I am also trying to use my mental strength to keep myself separate.

There is only news of death going around. Death news has become a constant thing to know but I don't want to hear it anymore. I don't like it anymore. My mind is full of sadness so I can't break it I am gone from the days of my abandonment where I spent my childhood where I have been alone.
In order to survive, sometimes you have to use your intellect, sometimes you have to be alone and all in all, stay in nature and you will see that you are healthy and well.
Despair will come, sorrow will come, fear will come, so it is not necessary to lose, fear must be overcome, mental strength must be increased, will power must be increased, then we can survive in this beautiful world .

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