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We are losing a lot of things due to the evolution of time. We are losing a lot of things day by day. Today I will show you one such lost thing. I hope you like my pictures.I always try to present to you different things whenever I have time so I am presenting something different for you today.20200513_11283201.jpeg20200513_11300901.jpeg20200513_11281301.jpegHaving lived in the village for many years since childhood, there is a distinct weakness towards the village and I have seen and learned a lot from this weakness.

I went to the village a few days ago and stayed for a long time because there is no environment to stay in the city at the moment because the environment in the city is not good so I moved to the village for my own safety so I have seen a lot of new things because of being in the village since I saw it after a long time, I like these things and I have taken them on my camera and I am always trying to show them in front of you.
When I was in the village, I used to walk in the morning for several days. When I used to go for a walk, I used to try to go to the forest because when I go to the forest, I see a lot of new things.I really liked seeing the red flowers that I saw when I was a child and then today after a long time, but I don't know the names of the flowers, but we call them wlid flowers.What is a feature of these flowers is that these flowers have no smell but have a distinct beauty.20200513_11290601.jpeg20200513_11273801.jpeg20200513_11345901.jpeg
The white flowers that you see now are the ones that we plant at home now but in the real sense these flowers are in the forest and a special feature of these flowers is that they have a nice smell.
Today we don't go to the village due to the busy schedule so we don't go to the forest so we can't see much. A lot is lost from us. So try whenever you have time to blend in with nature and you will feel much better.And when I look at the pictures I took, I feel very blessed that I saw the pictures many years later and I am proud to think that they were taken by me.

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