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The feeling i get when looking at this awesome piece of photograph is that of, a life well lived. I almost forgot about how good it feels to have a pet. I got my first dog when i was little. I wouldnt say i was born an animal lover but i grew to cherish it. I wasnt there when we lost that faithful dog. I had gone to the boarding house and returned to meet his absence. Little did i know i was going to have a wonderful replacement.

I have already introduced george in my previous post about him. He is such a gentle soul. Ever ready to listen and acts according as trained. His breeds are intelligent mammals. Always alert and ready to protect the owner.


This picture was made as just a routine picture to make memories. Its been a long year and george is over 7 years. Yes he is a grown dog and needs some adult treatment. His fur even betrays him with his age. Though as old as he is, he still feels like my little puppy. Probably, once a puppy, always a puppy.


You can check up on my previous post on the #monomad challenge and get up to date story of my photography.


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Thank you @tj4real for having that great passion for your dog. The fact is that sometimes when you train some of these pets they become part of your life. I love all of your black and white photography of #monmad- proof of watching.

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