Club5050 | My Power Up History March to Oct 2021

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Early March 2021 was the time I was active again on this platform, at that time I also started by doing Power-Ups, I did it as a form of commitment to the steemit platform because I realized since 2016 when I joined, that Power Up is an ideal activity that should be done by users, this is an embodiment to increase the strength of the account so that it has a role when providing curation.

I released this post as part of the STEEM Promotion, before the birth of the Steem Education Community which was later merged from two communities into a new Community with more unique community identity, I started Power Up when I was active as a member of STEEMSEA, that's where I came up with the idea of ​​a Power-Up Contest after got the blessing of the Steemit Team.

Currently, in steem for Betterlife Community, I continue to campaign for Power Up as the most important part for the sustainability of an account, one of the promotions that is carried out is by continuing to release STEEM INVESTING and POWER UP until the 15th edition, now I as admin publish contests through the account which is a community curation account.

Besides continuing to intensively carry out STEEM Promotions, I also released Special News about Power Ups on a continuous basis, indeed I had a vacuum for 1 month. This is due to my busy work schedule handling Covid-19 Vaccinations and my old Laptop Device which can no longer be used.

From the Power Up History table that I show below, it shows my consistency in doing Power Ups, 25 times Power Up with a total of 5,696,426 STEEM from March to October 2021. I made this publication to continue campaigning for #club5050 as a form of support for the Steemit Team Program in releases made by the steemitblog account.


Campaigning for #club5050 is a continuation of the Steem Investing and Power Up program which began with support through the use of the hashtag #welovepowerups. I see that there are positive implications for the power Up trend that continues to grow even though it does not receive curation support from the steemit team. During the 15 editions of the contest that we publish, there are actually many participants who want to participate but sometimes they don't meet the contest requirements and adequate Steem.

Hopefully the Power Up History I can be a reference for steemit users in general and Steem For Betterlife members in particular.

Jepretan Layar 2021-10-16 pukul 22.34.07.png

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Assalamualaikum bang,mohon maaf menggangu waktunya saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achivement 2,jika ada yang salah mohon dikoreksi bang,berikut ini tanutan saya,terimakasih banyak bang

assalamualaikum bg @irawandedy ,saya susah menyelesaikan tugas achievment 4 , jika ada kata yang salah mohon di koreksi bang , berikut adalah tautan achievment4 milik saya :

mohon maaf bang , jika menganggun waktunya , terima kasih banyak bang @irawandedy

 2 months ago 



 2 months ago 

A ssalamualaikum Mohon maaf bg @irawandedy, bisa bantu juga bg tugas achievment 4 saya, terima kasih sebelumnya.

 2 months ago 

Assalamualaikum bg @irawandedy

Saya sudah menyelesaikan achievement ke 5 teks 2
Mohonn di koreksi jika bersalah...
Terima kasih 🌹

Achievement 5 Teks 2 by @fahmiam || Review

Maaf bg jika terganggu waktunya
Sekali lagi Terima kasih 🌹

 2 months ago 

Bahagia that

 2 months ago 

Sedih kuh

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Thank you so much

 2 months ago 

you're wellcome bro...

#club5050 #welovepowerups

Assalamualaikum bg @irawandedy. Saya telah menyelesaikan tugas 4 saya dan belum di verifikasi dan jika ada kesalahan atau kekurangan mohon sudi kiranya untuk koreksi. Dan berikut adalah link postingan saya :

Terima kasih dan mohon maaf mengganggu waktu abangda

 2 months ago 

Mantap, #club5050 is the best.

 2 months ago 

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy,mohon maaf mengganggu waktunya,saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievement 5.3,berikut link tautan tugas milik saya :

Terimakasih banyak bang...

 2 months ago 

Hallo pak @irwandedy saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas kedua saya, mohon di tinjau dan di koreksi pak. Berikut tautan nya

 2 months ago (edited)

Assalamualaikum pak @irawandedy, mohon maaf sebelumnya. Syaa Hanya ingin memberitahu bahwa saya telah menyelesaikan tugas 5-1. Mohon tinjauannya pak. Terima kasih

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy, saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas Achievement 5. Jika ada kesalahan atau kekurangan mohon sudi kiranya untuk dikoreksi bang. Berikut tautan Achievement 5 milik saya

Mohon maaf sebelumnya bang jika mengganggu waktunya . Terimakasih banyak bang @irawandedy.

assalamualaikum bg @irawandedy, saya susah menyelesaikan tugas achievment 5, jika ada kata yang salah mohon di koreksi bang , berikut adalah tautan achievment 5 milik saya :

mohon maaf bang , jika menganggun waktunya , terima kasih banyak bang @irawandedy

 last month 

Assalamulaikum bang @irawandedy, Saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievment2 dan postingannya sudah berumur 3 hari. Mohon ditinjau dan dikoreksi pak. Mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan. Salam @bangyen

 last month 

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