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RE: Storyboard Meeting - A short story

in Be Awesome2 years ago

This sounds more like a story meeting with the board to me than a storyboard meeting.
Are you perhaps referring to a script read through? :>)

See this is where the problem starts. I knew they are doing something before finalizing the story but never sure what???!!!
I need to learn a little more on the actual process of film making.
The 'I' actually was telling the story over a script, But I actually imagined thats what the film making process was. But I understand that comic is a better way of presenting a story.

Thanks for your time. You have always been a boost to me. :-)


I'd love to tell you more about the process of filmmaking in our next chat.

There's so much more to filmmaking then a script ( unless you decide to skip a lot of steps ). Nevertheless, the storyboard usually follows after the script / screenplay, to visualize the scenes and decide what and how you're going to film it.

Thanks for your time. You have always been a boost to me. :-)

Sure thing. It's a pleasure. Besides, that's what friends are for.

Eagerly waiting for it sensei.

I think it's time that I get into details rather than going in vaguely. I am ready to be a student.
The only way I can learn is by learning.
I love storytelling but there are many ways to delivering it.
Like you said there are many components and I had been actively ignoring that. I think now is the time when I have to dig deeper and understand "The Filmmaking".

I am looking for to our next conversation.