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Hello Everyone, I hope you all are in good health. Like I said in one of my recent post that I am experimenting with my writing style and I think I am picking up on something. Actually I am learning the rules of writing before I break them. And I am finding the learning interesting. And I consider these posts or short stories as small steps towards a big goal. Here’s to Hope. Cheers!!!
Disclaimer - This is first of my posts in the community steem thing. Still trying to figure out how it actually works. On the other hand I have never been to any such meeting. In fact I have zero knowledge about how such meeting works. This is completely a work of fiction and not to be taken seriously.

StoryBoard Meeting

“And that’s the end. So, Do you like it?” I narrated the entire story to my creative Team. Hoping that this would get through the without being critiqued much.

“Hmmmm. I like it.” Nandini the only feminine figure in the group replied to my question. But I was waiting for the ‘but’. She has always been hard on me for leaving out the female character in the story line.
“Buuutttt…” there it is the but I was waiting for. “Why have you left the heroine in the story midway. I feel that her character has potential. I mean she can be a big help to the protagonist. But you left her out without a closure. What do you think?” She removed the pen from her lips and pointed towards Akash.

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I don’t know why that guy was a member of this team. The team was doing good before him. It’s been 3 years since he joined in. And I am yet to hear a single original idea from him. He thinks we don’t watch other movies. I hate him. Hate would be too strong of a feeling to have against. I don’t hate. He is just insignificant to me. Unfortunately, not to the team.

“I agree.” Akash takes on the responsibility to corrupt my story further. “The female character needs a little more story and development. In fact, I have an idea. Why don’t we give her a motive to be the wife of the protagonist.”
That statement was as stupid as it sounds, since we all civilized people in the room and slapping him across the face would be very rude. Satisfying but rude and unacceptable.
“I don’t get it.” I answered to his stupid Idea.
“Tch.. Tch.. Yaar!!!” Akash made the noise which irritate the core of my soul but I kept quiet. “Let me explain.”
“Please do a$$hole” I screamed internally.
“So why don’t we kill the heroine’s brother. And she vows revenge and to get closer to the murderer, she marries a police inspector, our protagonist. So that she can piggy back on him to check on the investigation. And then slowly, slowly she will get closer to the murderer and finally can have revenge.” He explained and I died a little inside. That’s character from Don movie expect for the marriage part.

“Hmm, That’s more like it.” Nandini added more agony to my soul.
“Akash, Its a drama about the dilemma that a police inspector had to face. And the character of his wife is to show the he has a personal life too.” I tried to reason with him.
“But where is the drama?” Dinesh spoke.
“I am sorry.” I genuinely didn’t understand Dinesh’s remark. I thought that I stressed more on drama than the technical story.
“Yes!!! This story lacks the drama. I mean we have an inspector and he is solving a case, but nothing is there for hooking the audience.” Dinesh said it bluntly.
“I thought I explained it clearly Dinesh. The story is about the inspector and his feelings when he uncovers the heinous crime. His dilemma on what to do when he feels the law and order is failing him.”

“That an all is okay. But I feel this needs little more.” Dinesh was itching for me to ask for the advice.
“And how can we get the little more.” I asked out of courtesy.
“This is just from the top of my head, Why don’t we give the couple a kid? A cutest little kid. The best daughter anybody can ever imagine. Let her be the whole world of him. And then one day he finds out that she has a hole in her heart. Of course, This is a crude idea but I think we can polish it a little.”
“F**k You.” Was my mental reply.
“For her operation he needs money, that’s when he gets an opportunity to make money, but has to compromise on his job. That’s a three way dilemma for him. How do you like it?” Dinesh has the balls to ask that question after telling the plot of every damn cop movie in the Bollywood.

I was trying my best to hide the frustration and anger.
“That’s some wonderful feedback from you Nandini, Akash and Dinesh. That’s sounds very entertaining.” Naveen, the Creative Head finally spoke. “If we combine these elements in a good way, We can get a wonderful story for ourselves.”
“But Sir.” I was trying to explain but stopped.
“Yes?” Naveen asked.
“Nothing, Sir.” I replied.
“Okay, Then please redraft it for the next review. Can I expect it by tomorrow?” Naveen Asked.
“Sorry Sir, But I can’t do that.” I denied the order.
All head turned. Everyone with the same question on their faces. ‘Why?’
I replied to all the turned head and the stupid expression of the creative head.
“I quit.” This time out loud and a smile.
“How’s that for drama, Dinesh?” I said to my inner self.



Hahaha! Awesome story! Very entertaining :>)

This sounds more like a story meeting with the board to me than a storyboard meeting.
Are you perhaps referring to a script read through? :>)

And here's the wise ass filmmaker in me talking:

You know a storyboard is a movie / scene in drawings, right? ( like a comic )
In this story it seems to actually tell a story. Or did the I person in the story ( who I can't help but feel is I(nuke) ) actually tell all this while showing a bunch of drawings?

Anyhow, I'm happy to see this creative writing once again, full of the typical dialogue that you're infamous for. The fact that it's film making related makes it even cooler

Nice job!

This sounds more like a story meeting with the board to me than a storyboard meeting.
Are you perhaps referring to a script read through? :>)

See this is where the problem starts. I knew they are doing something before finalizing the story but never sure what???!!!
I need to learn a little more on the actual process of film making.
The 'I' actually was telling the story over a script, But I actually imagined thats what the film making process was. But I understand that comic is a better way of presenting a story.

Thanks for your time. You have always been a boost to me. :-)

I'd love to tell you more about the process of filmmaking in our next chat.

There's so much more to filmmaking then a script ( unless you decide to skip a lot of steps ). Nevertheless, the storyboard usually follows after the script / screenplay, to visualize the scenes and decide what and how you're going to film it.

Thanks for your time. You have always been a boost to me. :-)

Sure thing. It's a pleasure. Besides, that's what friends are for.

Eagerly waiting for it sensei.

I think it's time that I get into details rather than going in vaguely. I am ready to be a student.
The only way I can learn is by learning.
I love storytelling but there are many ways to delivering it.
Like you said there are many components and I had been actively ignoring that. I think now is the time when I have to dig deeper and understand "The Filmmaking".

I am looking for to our next conversation.

wow, nice and your writing is good. This is skit material and I wish we could do a drama or something on you tube. Will share it

Why don't we try it? I mean i've no objection in you taking it to the YouTube platform.
Just don't forget to tag me in it. 😅

 last year 

hahahah very relate-able!

The inner dialogue reminded me a bit of Bojack :-D