5 global ambassadors are ready. The new epoch of Nutbox begins. | 5位全球大使整装待发,Nutbox跨入新的纪元。

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Thanks to the supports from our community members, 4.7 million SP delegation has been accumulated. In order to develop Nutbox , how to encourage community members to expand Nutbox development boundary is put on the agenda. Recently, 5 elites have been selected as our global ambassadors. They will help us to communicate with our clients worldwide. In the future, they may enter other product lines. Now the number of working members reaches 15, comparing 7 when we started the project.

仰仗众多社群成员的支持, Nutbox终于积累了超过470万的SP代理量。随着Nutbox的发展,进一步激励社群,拓展Nutbox的发展空间被提上议程。最近,我们招募了5位来自世界各地的Nutbox全球大使,帮助我们与投资者沟通。未来,他们更有可能参与到其他业务中去。这样,nutbox的工作成员已经由最初的7位扩充到了15位。

With the growing strength of Nutbox core team, we believe, Nutbox will develop faster and steadier, and Nutbox will feedback much more rewards to our clients.


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DOCS | https://docs.nutbox.io
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CN | https://blog.nutbox.io/@abcallen/wherein-1615536657147-s

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Nutbox is an excellent and innovative project in which I am not only investing. I am also working for it. I am very happy to be able to grow with Nutbox and continue traveling the whole journey that remains for us as a team. Thanks for the support and congratulations to all the members.


Que buena iniciativa perfecto y organizado espero poder participar un saludo

Nicely done.


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