Exchange 29000STEEM into USDT as PNUT repurchase reserve

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29000 STEEM is converted into 27960.688 USDT (TRC20),gas fee 1 USDT, transaction record:


Transaction records on Huobi/Binance Exchange(29000STEEM——>27963.688USDT):

19000STEEM huobi.jpg

10000STEEM binance.jpg

From Huobi/Binance Exchange to Tron(27960.688 USDT,transfer fee 1USDT):




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Hi, How can I harvest Pnut? I dont have enough energy. How much Energy do I need? I am trying to harvest 33K Pnut.

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May 11, 2021... 23.5 Hollywood Time...

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Hello, greetings.. what is nutbox all about , any benefits

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Great news! When will you buy the pnuts?

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We rented more steam power, but it is not reflected in the nutbox, so please check and process it.

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