Nutbox Global Ambassador Program | Nutbox全球社区大使计划

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Nutbox has been an international community since the first day it was born. As some of our friends are very interested in the program of Nutbox ambassadors, we have launched the Nutbox Global Ambassador Program.

Growth mechanism

Junior ambassador (3 months)——Working group (3 months) ——Senior ambassador (3 months) ——Regional ambassador representatives

1.Apply for ambassador on the Steem blockchain client (, WhereIN, blog.nutbox. io, etc.)

  • Understanding of Nutbox
  • Why you would like to be a Nutbox ambassador
  • The planning of being a Nutbox ambassador
  • Supports you needed
  • Contact information: discord or telegram
  • Add tag: nutbox-ambassador

2.Nutbox.DAO committees will arrange a brief conversation based on the votes and comments of your application post. Applicants will enter a three-month apprenticeship period after undergoing a telephone interview.

3.During the Nutbox (Junior) ambassador period, you are given the opportunities to discuss your progress with core committees so as to establish goals and collaborate with other ambassadors. Applicants who have completed the "milestone" after 3 months of apprenticeship period, they will graduate officially and join the corresponding working group of Nutbox.

4.In the role of an ambassador, you can demonstrate your skills and talents in different ways, including but not limited to:

  • Contributing ecologically-related codes and/or improving documents
  • Endorsing Nutbox in conferences, workshops, and gatherings
  • Presenting important Nutbox projects for your region
  • Welcoming and guiding the new members to the platform
  • Discovering the cooperation and other forms of opportunities that Nutbox can participate in
  • Participating in various activities that can promote the development of the ecology

5.After completing the internship period, the ambassadors can choose to enter the "Working Group" and continue to grow with the team according to their expertise, interests and wishes.

6.Promote to senior ambassador or the leader of the work group through at least 1 period (3 months)

7.After 3 periods (9 months), you can become a Nutbox regional ambassador based on your wishes and milestones

Working group classification

  • Translation team
  • Offline Meetup
  • Online activities and group management
  • Technical team

Incentives and reciprocation

1.Publish ambassador proposal and apply for quarterly incentives in Nutbox DAO Fund

  • Nutbox DAO Fund, plans to use 10% of PNUT in nutbox.dao to support the ambassador program, pending proposals and the votes for community

2.Articles related to Nutbox will have a chance to be upvoted by @wherein @nutbox.mine

3.Join the activities for free: Opportunities for official speeches, Limited Nutbox customized products

4.Have a chance to become a Nutbox core team member

International exchanges

1.Regular online global ambassadors meetings will be held quarterly
2.Collaborate with the global ambassadors

Are you ready?

Nutbox Guide

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Nutbox introduction

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  • 对Nutbox的认知
  • 为什么要成为Nutbox大使
  • 作为大使的计划
  • 需要的支持
  • 联系方式:discord或telegram
  • 添加标签:nutbox-ambassador




  • 贡献生态相关的代码和/或改进文档
  • 在会议、工作坊和聚会中为Nutbox代言
  • 为您所在地区呈现重要的Nutbox生态项目
  • 热情地欢迎和指导平台中的新成员
  • 发现Nutbox能参与的合作和其他形式的机会
  • 参与能推动生态向前发展的各种活动





  • 翻译组
  • 线下Meetup
  • 线上活动与群组管理
  • 技术组


1.发布大使提案,在Nutbox DAO Fund申请季度激励

  • Nutbox DAO Fund计划使用nutbox.dao 10%PNUT用于支持大使计划,待提案,社区投票

2.Nutbox相关文章有机会获得 @wherein @nutbox.mine 点赞支持


4.Have a chance to become a Nutbox core team member





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