Nutbox Weekly #WK10 | APY of SP delegation mining is 78% , Total delegation SP is 3.61M

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Nutbox is committed to becoming the Y Combinator of the Steem community!

Nutbox致力于成为Steem社区的Y Combinator!

In order to incubate Dapps in the community We use the Steem Power (SP) delegation mechanism to raise SP from the Steem community. We hope Nutbox can become an incubation platform based on Steem, and we look forward to your joining us to achieve the incubator goal together.

我们利用Steem Power(SP)代理挖矿机制,在Steem社区筹集SP用于孵化社区里的Dapp,希望Nutbox能成为基于Steem的孵化平台,也期待你加入我们,一起完成孵化器愿景。

【 WK 10】

Nutbox delegation review | Nutbox 代理速览

The scale of Nutbox delegation pool is expanding to3,610,486 SP, which comes from 239 delegatees. Nutbox is owned by every delegatee and Nutbox’s liability holder. If you delegate your SP to Nutbox, you will get PEANUT. For detailed distribution rules, please refer to the Nutbox document:

Nutbox现有代理成员 239 位,合记有效SP总数 3,610,486 SP。Nutbox为代理成员所有,代理给Nutbox将获得PEANUT,详细分发规则可参考Nutbox文档:

Nutbox website【Notbox网址】:

Delegation manual【代理教程】:

Nutbox Curation System | Nutbox策展系统

The original intention of Nutbox was to promote the development of the Steem ecosystem. From the beginning, Nutbox has not only sought to maximize the interest of SP delegatees, but also shouldered the mission of curating high-quality content for the community. The Nutbox curatorial system was born to carry out this mission.


Only the delegatee of Nutbox can become a Nutbox curator. Nutbox will evaluate the level of Nutbox curator based on three factors, so that @nutbox.mine can follow up on curator's upvote behavior. The Nutbox Curation System is currently in its infancy. The three factors that determine the level of Nutbox curator are:

• The number of PNUT / TRX Liquidity Pool Tokens held;

• The number of SP delegated to Nutbox;

• The Nutbox.DAO's assessment score of curator;

只有Nutbox的代理人才能成为Nutbox curator,Nutbox会根据三个因素评估Nutbox curator的等级,以让@nutbox.mine对curator的点赞行为进行跟赞。目前Nutbox Curation System是初级阶段,决定 Nutbox curator等级的三个因素有:

• 持有PNUT / TRX Pool Tokens的数量;

• 代理给Nutbox的SP数量;

• Nutbox.DAO对curator的打分;

The WK10 version of Nutbox curator has been released, and @nutbox.mine has also set the upvote weights of the curators(Score more than 60 points) according to the evaluation results.

第10周Nutbox curator已经出炉,@nutbox.mine也已经按照评估结果,设定了对curator(评分大于60分)跟赞的权重。


WhereIN【 WK 10】Lucky Stars Revealed | 幸运星揭榜

In order to motivate everyone to share high-quality contents, WhereIN launched the "" Weekly Discovery" Lucky Star" event, lucky stars can get high ratio upvotes from @cnstm and @wherein!


Reminder: WhereIN is a sharing platform, multiple pictures or long content will increase the probability of being rewarded as lucky stars! Hurry up and join WhereIN right now! (You can download the experience on

温馨提示:WhereIN是一个注重分享的平台,多图或者长内容将增加获得幸运星的概率哦!大家赶快踊跃加入WhereIN吧!(大家可在 上下载体验)

Congratulations to the following friends for winning the WhereIN " Weekly Discovery" lucky star in WK 10

恭喜以下小伙伴获得 WK 10 日WhereIN「每周发现」幸运之星

@min520 | 说走就走

@vickyli | The diary game 20210308 史上最忙的三八节

@tashuiwuhen | 阿魔的自我介绍

Every moment of a sharing is a confession to your life. it may be like a cup of Americano, which is bitter but fragrant, or like a piece of tiramisu, your lips and teeth are scented. WhereIN looks forward to your confession!


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I have delegated 500 SP to nutbox.mine.
I have two questions
a) the return for delegating SP is only the Pnut earned or is there a daily reward of stem that is credited to my wallet similar to other delegations.

  1. Based on my delegation of 500SP, how many Pnut can I earn per day?

the peanut ear its aprox 4.5 for 100sp
500/100 = 5 *4.5= 22.5 daily peanuts

Thank you very much

Great job 😊😊

Great Job

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Beautiful Job