The first Nutbox NFT transaction was successful | Nutbox社区首个NFT交易成功

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As we all know, Steem is a public content platform. The contents of the community fit very well with NFT so we have made some attempts in NFT.

A few days ago, our community member @ale.aristegueta created an animated video for Nutbox. This video is excellent which has a simple meaning.


Nutbox DAO committee members are very satisfied with it. We suggest @ale.aristegueta to make this animated video into a NFT and try to auction on the NFT trading market. Nutbox NFT market link:


Today we are very happy to announce that the first NFT in the Nutbox community has been successfully sold!


This is significant and represents the first collision between the Nutbox community and the NFT. We hope this collision will generate more sparks. Let's look forward to the ultimate value of Nutbox's first NFT.


我们知道,Steem是一个public content platform,社区里的内容与NFT非常契合,我们也在NFT方面做了一点小尝试。

日前,社区成员@ale.aristegueta 为Nutbox制作了一个动画视频。这个动画视频非常棒,且带有简单的寓意。


Nutbox DAO委员会成员都非常喜欢,我们建议 @ale.aristegueta 将这个动画视频制作成一个NFT,尝试在NFT交易市场进行挂拍。Nutbox NFT市场链接:




这具有非常重大的意义,代表着Nutbox社区与NFT的第一次碰撞。我们希望这次碰撞会产生更多火花,我们一起期待一下 Nutbox 第一个NFT的最终价值吧。



This way I am getting an error. I wonder if there is a problem with the system?

You can contact us through the following places, we have technical staff will answer.

Thanks a lot for this post. I made a publication in Spanish to for celebrating that!

Alejandro Aristeguieta
Junior Ambassador in Nutbox
CEO in Trading Capital


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Last week I rented about 1800sp more. But I can't find it in the NUTbox rental history. I'll ask you to check.


You can contact us through the following places, we have technical staff will answer.

Hi there .... I want to delegate to @nutbox .... how do I do it ?

I create NFTs too... I will try to post on the Nutbox NFT market ....

Nutbox NFT market have not yet

Ok... let me know because I have thousands of Digital pieces I could sell there.

This is from my Creatures of the Deep Series ....


WOOPS .... I delegated 1,0000 SteemPower to you with ... will that work for upvotes ?


@nutbox.mine you are doing a very wonderful job sir,your post made me join i hope i will be welcomed here...

Thank you!And welcome

Thank you for the compliment.

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