The milestone of Nutbox, the scale of our SP pool exceed 3M. | Nutbox的里程碑,我们的SP资金池规模超过300万

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Today, it is a milestone for us!

Four months have passed, as a DeFi project, Nutbox accumulates any financial supports from our Steem community. Thanks to our genius investors, we have stored more than three million Steem Power delegations. And the price of our nutbox community token (PNUT) has soared more than thirty times in the process. We hope everyone has enjoyed the flourish of Nutbox. Thanks for your trust.

The next step, we will improve our project, expand PNUT application scenarios. Furthermore, we will invent the toolkit which help others to deploy our Nutbox model to other blockchain. In return, part of their income will belong to nutbox. We are expecting the brighter future of Nutbox.


Congratulation 🥳

Please how do I invest here and get rewarded?


wOw !!! soared more than thirty times

Congratulition for @nutbox.mine 👍🍷🍷

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