TSP: a tradable STEEM POWER (SP)

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TSP is a tradable token which represent the ownership of SP( STEEM POWER)

TSP and SP

As we know, STEEM is the currency of Steem community, STEEM POWER is the stocks of the community. SP can be acquired by powering up STEEM, while it will take 4 weeks to power down SP to STEEM. The exchange rate is 1:1 consistently.

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What is the benefit to hold SP instead of STEEM? Governance and interests rights of Steem community are endowed to SP, while the liquidity of assets is traded off.

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In order to release the liquidity of SP and to maintain its interests, Nutbox creates a kind of new token, TSP. TSP is a tradable token, which represents the ownership of SP, it is a perpetual callable Debt of SP with coupon. The right of one TSP equals to one SP.

TSP could turn to another token in two ways. One is real-time exchange through DEX, one is redemption from nutbox.io which will takes about 5 weeks.


The benefit of TSP


Liquidity has tremendous value. SP get their interests while losing liquidity. As the project asset of SP, TSP keeps the interest of SP, and it can be traded freely at any time. Furthermore, as a crypto asset, the price of SP has great volatility. SP holders must endure the cost of time and the risk.

While If you hold TSP one day you will get the interest of that day and you can sell your TSP any time you like. Beside you can redeem your TSP to STEEM through Nutbox.io. Moreover, other crypto-assets holders can buy TSP and join PNUT mining and get rewards as their wish.

Get reward on time

Right now, the APY of the Nutbox delegation investment is around 40-50%, which is higher than the reward which SP holders earn by themselves. And the reward to the investor from nutbox is an automatic and real-time process.

DeFi combination

There are many ways to promote the combination of TSP and other DeFi projects. As a TSP investor, you can get a liquidity-provider reward by provide TSP to DEX, and save the LP(liquidity pool) voucher to Nutbox to claim the PNUT reward. In the future, we will launch a new project where you can rent your TSP and get your PNUT.

The innovation of TSP, which releases the liquidity of SP and helps the market to measure the value of SP's liquidity, will bring the opportunity for Steem's explosive surge.

Operational process (save TSP and get PNUT reward)

1、Install TronLink and Steem Kechain wallet extension on your browser before open nutbox.io and log in your Steem and Tron account.


2、Click the "Gatway" button, input the amount of TSP you want to cast, click the "confirm conversion" button, you will get your TSP at 1:1 exchange rate.


3、 open TSP mining website, input the amount of TSP you want to save, then you can enjoy the reward of PNUT.


After over a half month of development, TSP will be online finally. Now, the process is going through an internal test at test.nutbox.io (Tron needs to exchange to Shasta Testnet). It is expected that TSP will be launched at Dec. 12ed-21:00 -2020 [UTC+8].

Nutbox Guide

CN | https://blog.nutbox.io/hive-180932/@honoru/steem-keychaine-tron-sp-tron-nutbox-pnut
EN | https://blog.nutbox.io/nutbox/@wherein/the-nutbox-is-operating-and-the-steem-y-era-is-coming-or-nutbox-steem-y

Nutbox introduction

CN | https://blog.nutbox.io/cn/@nutboxs/nutbox--y-combinator-of-steem-blockchain-20201016t055718157z
EN | https://blog.nutbox.io/cn/@wherein/nutbox--y-combinator-of-steem--will-coming-soon-20201017t190449041z
KR | https://blog.nutbox.io/hive-196917/@ayogom/steem-nutbox-y-combinator
DOCS | https://docs.nutbox.io
Webside | https://nutbox.io/


STEEM - TSTEEM exchange:https://nutbox.io/bridge
TSTEEM - TRX exchange:https://justswap.org/?lang=en-US#/scan/detail/trx/TBUZYrDh7gzjd1PLnkMHWoAo55ctRzZzGN
TRX - PNUT exchange:https://justswap.org/#/scan/detail/trx/TPZddNpQJHu8UtKPY1PYDBv2J5p5QpJ6XW

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TSP是什么 , 它的优势及存TSP挖PNUT

TSP是可流通、可交易的SP(STEEM POWER的简称)。


我们知道,STEEM相当于Steem社区的流通货币,STEEM POWER相当于Steem社区的股份。STEEM可即时1:1转换为SP,此过程被称为 Power UP(上电);SP需要分四周才能转换为STEEM,也是1:1的关系,此过程被称为Power Down。





TSP转变为其他区块链通证有两种方式,一种是直接在交易所交易,一种是通过nutbox.io赎回Steem。在交易所交易是即时的,而赎回要考虑SP 在nutbox.io账户上取消代理以及power down的时间。




流动性有着巨大的价值, SP在获得权利的同时,也丧失了流动性。TSP作为SP的映射资产,保留了SP的投票权、收益权等生态权益,还随时可自由交易。更重要的是,SP作为一种数字资产,其波动性还比较大,持有者必须承担一定的时间成本。

TSP带来的好处是,持有一天TSP获得一天收益,不想持有了可随时在市场中卖出,还可通过Nutbox 1:1转换为STEEM。持有其他资产,比如TRX、ETH、USDT等数字资产的用户,可以随时购买TSP,参与PNUT挖矿,获得收益。







1、打开nutbox.io,登录steem和tron账户,进入主页。在此之前必须下载好TronLink和Steem Kechain钱包。


2、切换到网关页面,输入要转换 TSP 的数量,点击确认兑换即可将 STEEM一比一兑换成TSP。


3、打开到TSP挖矿页面,输入要存的TSP,存入即可开启 存TSP挖PNUT 。


经过半个多月的开发,TSP终于得以有机会与大家见面。现在,可在 test.nutbox.io 参与测试(Tron需要切换成Shasta Testnet),预计北京时间2020年12月19日晚上21点正式上线。


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